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    Having been on all the social sites, one thing is certain, the only ones making all the money are MySpace, FaceBook, Youtube and soon Twitter, so wouldn't it be nice to see a little revenue sharing with the very members who made all the above worth $580M, $6.5B and even $1B for Twitter.

    I like the concept of MySocialIncome MSI site, they provide all the same features, plus, they focus on businesses while sharing in their revenues for optional services like video conferencing which you also earn commissions from. Just seems to make sense that rather than post for nothing, post for an income while promoting your businesses.

    MSI just merged with 1ButtonToWiFi which is first to bring Cellular Over Internet Protocol COIP dial tone to any cell phone technology. Seemed like an unlikely merger at first, but they are looking for viral marketing, so one feeds the other, pretty unique concept, so has anyone else used MSI yet or even know about it?

    Since it is cost free, no purchase, no obligation, and given the powerful tools provided, and an income opportunity, is there any others using this social media explosion for business promotions? Been searching about and I think this is the future of social media, to combine with business, after all, every tweet I get today is a pitch for products or services.

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