Any Youtube Experts?

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    Hello ~

    To be blunt, I'm looking for some advice when it comes to Youtube channels.. I've been uploading videos to my channel for about 10 months now, 65 videos in total and accumulated close to 4k subs. I've been thinking.. Do tags, description, titles really matter all that much? I just put appropriate tags on my videos as well as my "Channel keywords".

    I saw a fellow Youtuber that started up their channel about 3 months ago in a similar field, with about 40-50 videos and accumulated close to 5k subs :( Sometimes I think it's just luck, or sometimes I think you just need to be very consistent with the amount of videos you upload.. Me and the other Youtuber have approximately 7 months difference but they have as much videos as I do.

    How can I get more exposure on my videos? Are there services for Youtube videos/channels like there are services to websites (SEO, backlinks and whatnot)