Any suggestions to make this method more profitable?


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Sep 5, 2009
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Hello everyone,

Lately, I've created my own method of earning money with Adult PPC - I've been using an affiliate program which pays 18 cents per unique click and autosurf sites to drive traffic - I redirect those guys to one of my blogs which redirects them to the link that earns me 18 cents. After I earned about 70 dollars for a week (10 dollars each day) I was moved to a PPS because my conversations were under 1:333.

Of course today I've made more than 100 unique clicks and I would earn more than 20 dollars if I was still on PPC.. To admit the Black Hat traffic I'm using is junk, but they can't ban me, because I'm hiding it with a WP blog using CPA Redirector. Now, my questinons:

1.Can I still make money with this Affiliate program?

2.Are there any other PPC affiliate programs where I can use this junk traffic (even if they pay less)?

3.Should I keep trying to make this method profitable or it's best to try something else? :D

I've been here since two months and I'm still a newbie so I apologise for my lame questions and for any gramatical mistaces! :)

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