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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Nspired, Apr 20, 2016.

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    I am a bit new here but over the past months have been reading alot on here to get ideas and troubleshoot things as well. I am fighting brain cancer so can't work or have the life I once had for now but I love to write and got this crazy notion to blog. I now have one blog on Word Press and traffic is decent but the more I study the more I learn and thus comes questions I hope someone on here can assist with.

    1. Top Niche to Monetize in Blog World. I am using Google ad sense and have a cooking blog and the ads are not really anything my audience would click on. Ads do not relate to content or niche currently and my keywords I think are set pretty good. I have joined CJ so I can be an affiliate for things that relate but not sure if that was right step to take but only made sense and from what I am learning alot of people's blog income is from affiliate programs.
    2. Good idea to have another blog as well? I love to cook but that is not something I am so passionate about that I can write several articles a day on. I have other things I can write days on end articles about ranging from finance to military lifestyle to bargain tips to save money to invest, etc. I even thought to do a satirical blog of current news with a twist but not sure ads would work well with something like that.
    3. How and is it a good idea to have a temporary blog? Next month is Brain Cancer Awareness Month and not alot of information out there but I know...well almost know I would have good traffic if I did one so is that a good idea or just a waste of energy? The traffic would be great I am confident and I have affiliate programs I could match up very well. I also design t-shirts so may be a good avenue for that as well.

    I am a Writer and Graphic Designer now forced to recreate a source of income for my current situation so looking on advice to succeed in the blog world. My blog is already AdSense approved and was approved first week it was up. I hear that is a good thing but now making sure I do nothing wrong because they say little things can get you banned even if doing everything right so trying to avoid any pitfalls. Any and all advice and even constructive criticism welcomed.

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    First of all, I like your courage to start something and ready to ask for help. This is the first step to making things happen. Many folks out there are afraid to try something new and you have just done that. That's awesome. Well, as for monetizing your blog, I believe you should start with what you are passionate about most as passion is the driver that'll drive you to blogging every day even when things are not going as planned. Yes, Adsense is a good start but sometimes it doesn't work perfectly. I believe since you love writing and also love to design, these are two great features that will set you apart from others online. And yes, I would advise you to go for the Cancer Awareness Month and blog about it, design T-shirts, tell personal stories that'll inspire people to buy your stuff. Affiliate marketing is the best way to go about it. You can educate others on how to start a blog, there are many cancer patients out there who would like to start something of such. You don't have to be a professional to teach the little things you know. Try to build your audience first. This will take time but it will pay off with time. Trust me, little things go far. I hope this will help. You're free to ask any other questions.
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    Since you mentioned that you're already a writer, you might want to start there.

    You might want to just create a product that is geared towards the specific needs of your website's visitors.

    Instead of relying on other products that may not have a direct fit with the specific requirements of your visitors, you

    can use consumer intelligence on your website and come up with a perfect fit.

    Also, you're a graphics designer.

    You might want to look into vector art.

    Vector art has a steady demand.

    The best part is its passive income.

    You can create a cartoon now and continue to make money off of it for years to come.