Any Method To Make Money From Day 1 ?


Aug 22, 2016
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Hi Everyone, Im not making so much money selling shoutouts, and on ebay some days i sell and the others is slow, that becoz i dont post alot of products, im waiting to collect some money to buy pallets and resell the products, I tried the shopify and facebook ads also with instagram trffic buy using mass planner still didnt work i tried many niches and did the FB Pixel conversion exactly how it should and sadly nothing happened, So Anyone have a method to make money online that really works 100% ?

Thank you
um try freelancing, you can earn some quick bucks but it is quite competitive if you are not reputable.
um try freelancing, you can earn some quick bucks but it is quite competitive if you are not reputable.
I need a method please, like for example to generate sales for shopify, get more sales for shoutouts, or more traffic for my ebay
from noob perspective I would suggest just clixsensse took at least 6 months with yt in my case
my apology for that stupid idea
You could work part time to fund your store. That's what I did in the past.
For me is Domain Investing. Take some time to read up all you can from it before starting. The ROI is great once you get the hang of it.
Listen, learn dedicated and pursue. Dont listen to anyone else say that ewhoring sucks, blows, doesnt work. It's also one of the fastest paying methods of marketing online, just laugh..
1. Freelance your skills first to pay for your startup money.
2. Choose a method - study it - master it - read others journeys
3. make your own journey....ask for help - communicate
4. Get your first $ in...
5. Upscale it!
It looks like you're moving from method to method without waiting for results. Have you done each of those methods you've mentioned for at least a month? If not, revisit them and redo them.
I've just written a simple Instagram money making guide, give it a read -

Cheers :)
I will check your thread and get back to you
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