Any insights on google top 3 map pack appreciated.

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    Hi, and thanks for your time in reading/contributing.

    Briefly, I've worked my way up to a solid/steady#1 spot for organic SERPS on my "x-service in x-city" focus. But yet, I struggle to maintain the #3 spot in the top map results. I've often read that being on top of organic pretty much puts you on top of maps, but I'm finding that to be untrue.

    I have a very safe margin in domain metrics compared to my competitors. And, I have about 80-90% accuracy in my local citation NAP references so I don't think that's the problem. I'm noticing that my competitors are closer to the city's "centroid" though. I've read a little about the importance of this and now starting believe its under-rated.

    So, I cant move my office closer to the centroid. What can I do? geotag images near the centroid and throw some juicy IBLs at them?

    White hat, grey hat, black hat, plaid hat, pea green hat... all insights welcome and appreciated. :p

    PS: Yes, this is posted in the white hat thread as well becasue I want to gather all insights.
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