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Any advice you can give me

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by mm123, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. mm123

    mm123 Newbie

    Dec 7, 2015
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    Hi! So after lurking for a long time I finally decided to try out instagram and make an account here. Right now i'm only managing one profile, in the beauty/makeup niche. It's been a little over a week and so far i have 4.5k followers, which I was really impressed by! I was planning on growing 2.5k a week but recently instagram has really limited the number of people I can follow, and sometimes they won't let me follow anyone all day. Do you think this is because I'm unfollowing a few hundred people everyday? Should I follow hundreds of people one day/week and unfollow the next day/week, or follow in the morning unfollow at night?
    Also what do yall think of this niche? There are a few accounts with millions of followers that look profitable, but i rarely see it mentioned here. It's also hard for me to find people to do SFS with.
    At what number of followers do you think I can start selling shoutouts? & how many followers do you have to have for brands to start being interested in you?
    Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Dbeck19

    Dbeck19 Regular Member

    Oct 19, 2015
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    If you can't find people to do SFS with you should have thought of that before starting the page IMO,

    Reachout to smaller brands that sell makeup/ hair products/ fashionable clothes etc

    Or find small YouTubers in your niche to partner with and offer a SFS relationship which you will promote them x amount of times per month, and in return they promote you.
  3. Thenub

    Thenub Supreme Member

    Jul 11, 2015
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    C A L I F O R N I A
    Yes, you can't follow and unfollow the same day, it just won't work well, and will possibly lead to ban.

    Try to just follow 7500 (limit) or just to however many you want, then unfollow all 7500 again, then repeat.
    There's tons of other accounts to SFS, so it can help once your past 10k+

    You can maybe start selling at around 20k followers, but it won't be a lot, maybe just $10-$15 / shoutout
    For brands, if they're small amateur brand then it can happen anytime, 5k followers or 30k followers, as for big brands, possible never.
    Big brands won't / don't need to be interested in you, unless maybe youre past a good amount, 300k+