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    saw it today on IG and it seems pretty interesting according to it's features. Booked one because according to my calculations it's gonna save me a lot of bucks.
    antsle is the first user-friendly turn-key solution to host apps & data at home.
    antsle is just like the cloud, but with an important difference: Only you decide if and when your data leaves your home!

    There are no limits on what you can install in each of your antlets. Examples include:

    • Host your own home-based email server. That's right, just as Hillary did! ;-)
    • Manage your contacts and calendars. From your home, rather than with iCloud or google. Access (and change) your antsle-based contacts and appointments from your iPhone, Android, iPad, ...
    • Have your own "drive" to share files just like Dropbox, but with full data ownership in your home.
    • Run a basecamp-like team collaboration tool from your home.
    • Run a CRM system.
    • Run your own URL shortener, just like or, but under YOUR control, and with much shorter URL because you're not sharing URLs with millions of people.
    • Run gitlab and host 10,000 or so git repositories which would cost you a fortune with github.
    • Much, much more.

    An antsle is not just the piece of hardware in a beautiful case. Instead, it's a turn-key solution for web hosting from home, consisting of three components:

    1. The antsle? home server, a powerful device with an aluminum case. The antsle has no fans, no vent holes and no movable parts. It?s absolutely silent (0dB).
    2. antsleOS? enables more than 100 virtual servers to run on a single antsle.
    3. The absolute highlight is antman?, our management software for VMs / virtual servers. Get your virtual servers up and running in one minute. Install server-side apps with our one-click installers.
    Check it out : antsle?: Your Code, Your Data, Your Rules
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