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    Oct 10, 2009
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    Hey everyone. I've just graduated from college out in the US midwest with a degree in religion and philosophy. These things, as you might know, aren't actually worth a dang cent in the current job market, so I've turned to my second love: technology!

    I tried to get into the IM scene a couple years ago, but was unfortunately not lucky enough to stumble onto something like BHW and thus was bogged down in freebie sites, PTR and PTC, and endless guru ebooks. After losing...too much money and nearly drowning in a deluge of spam phone calls and letters, I gave it up. Little did I know that I was only scraping the scummy barrel of the internet.

    BHW has already given me some OUTSTANDING materials - easily over $1000 dollars worth of utilities and information. It's hard to go wrong with that! I hope to start implementing some of these methods soon and turning around to contribute to this community myself. Wish me luck!