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    What I am looking for:

    1) A Completely Anonymous VPN/Proxy Account - Completely Untraceable

    Question: As a slave to Logic, I find the above caveats to mean that you can NEVER be completely ANONYMOUS on the NET.

    Best recommendations to CYA please.

    2) Anonymous Email Account

    Would not just setting up an email acct. make you traceable?

    3) Anonymous Payment

    How to pay for products, usenet groups, etc. on the net as Mr. Anonymous?

    Footnote: Please understand that although I am considered "well grounded" in some groups and in certain areas of computers, I am very much at the totally "what the heck is this all about" stage here with you guys.

    While I do intend to eventually market an educational program I have developed over many years, I would also like to put some onion skins between myself and all the "Baddies" on the net.

    And, yes, I have Bookmarked and Classified a number of links regarding the above questions; but I don't know who to trust. There is just too much BS on the net, with everyone working an angle. You guys appear to "tell it like it is". Well, at least most of you. :rolleyes:

    Feel free to tell me I'm flat-out wrong or even FOS. I want to learn. And I don't cry easily. :cool:
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    I myself was considering the usage of a VPN. I'm trying to figure out how necessary it is. I thought just having a high-anonymous proxy ip would be enough. But maybe it's not?
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    [FONT=&quot]everest2012, my friend, first of all thank you for the response. At this point, being quite a NetRat, I think I might be in a position to actually help you instead. I have learned much since this last post.

    I would first point you in the most valuable, and selflessly honest, people I have found at TorrentFreak. Because I am "new" to this forum I cannot post links, quite understandable since some members are "affiliate"-minded. I am not.

    [/FONT] Please, please do not contact them with your question, because I have that answer and more. I do not want to bother poor old Ernesto with dumb-as-heck "Newbie" questions like I asked him.

    Please give me a day or two to go through my notes, and I can assure you that I will post everything for you. For what it's worth I am a man of my word and will not let you down.

    In the meantime, I would strongly recommend:

    1) You sign up for the newsletter from TorrentFreak

    2) Be awful darned careful of believing any of the other sites that purport to give you the straight facts. They are usually working some angle and are just waiting to feed on us Newbie's. Ernest gained absolutely nothing from helping me. With that said, I fired off emails to all of three of the only sites he could recommend and narrowed down my choices accordingly. You are of course most welcomed to do the same.

    For what it's worth, even before I posted my question here, I had read enough to confirm that a VPN is dramatically superior to a so-called "Anonymous Proxy". The key questions you need to focus on:

    1) Where is the VPN and Anonymous Email server located?
    2) Does the VPN keep logs? How does their server and service work?
    3) To what extent, if they do keep logs (avoid these clowns because they would only be keeping logs if they were up to no good), do they reveal information about you - and to whom and under what conditions.

    Of the three sites Ernesto recommended, I did learn that one or two were a bit too "Big Brother" oriented for me. They were indeed forthright, holding nothing back in honestly answering my questions - answers that worked to their detriment, and not their benefit.

    As you can see, I am annoying thorough. Give me a couple of days to put everything together for you. And you can take it or leave it as the information suits you. Next couple of days are well beyond hectic for me. Please understand.


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    Hey everest i hope i can help you with your questions regarding surfing safe.

    1) A Completely Anonymous VPN/Proxy Account
    This question is quite easy.


    VPNs are great when it comes to accessing a network encrypted but not for anonymous surfing. Most till all providers will keep logs, regardless if they have to or just dont know.

    Sometimes they change the configuration of your computer or compremise it (Hotspot Shield). It actually installs a network card driver which will still send data over them, even if you uninstall it.

    What you are searching is an Anonymizer and Darknets.

    Anonymizer - Is a way to access the internet trough an Darknet ( Like VPN but still not the same)

    Darknet - A network which is anonymous, that means noone knows who is in the network if you dont do dumb shit like login into your facebook as example.

    The Kings of such projects are the Tor-Project and JAP

    I would go for TOR since it allows you to run your programs trough tor.

    How Tor works:

    <You> <---> Nodes <---> ... <---> TOR Server 1 <---> TOR Server 2 <--> ... <End Node>

    The traffic encrypted between you and the TOR Servers, so nodes dont see what you want or what you are getting. The only one who sees it is the end node which doesnt know who you are since he is talking ecrypted to the second TOR SERVER.

    JAP works in an simlear way, but they are not 100% free.

    If you want to stay anonymous you shouldnt use Javascript and Flash since both can be used to track you and your real location not only the location of your fake ip.

    2) Anonymous Email Account
    Cmon man, thats another easy one.

    Just make a bulk mail, hidemyass provides such a service. Remember to make it trough your anonymizer tough...

    3) Anonymous Payment
    That's an tricky one, and the problem with this is what means anonymous to you. If you pay for something you get something, so you need to tell what do you want to buy. You cant hide your tracks if you are buying something material. If you want to buy something digital you might have a better chance, but you could be tracked down again.

    I wont help you with anonymous payment since this usually leads to carding, which i'm against. Carders take money from honest working people and should die and burn in hell.

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