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    Hello, inspired by some threads here I want to start dropshipping from amazon to ebay. I've made a ebay account and sold ebooks so I can get higher limits and get rid of 21 day funds hold up. Now I need to start selling products from amazon, but I have a problem with the only one part that I didn't understood from all threads.
    I've make a VCC on entropay, to that card and identity I've made a paypal account that is linked to my ebay account. My problem is how do I get my funds out form the paypal account so I can buy the products from Amazon when I'm getting an order?
    In my paypal account I don't see a withdrawn option to my VCC, only to a bank account. So what can I do to be able to transfer my paypal funds to the VCC that I'll be using to buy the products from Amazon??
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    Almost there
    A workaround would be to buy amazon gift card with your paypal balance and transfer to your amazon account so you can cut the vcc part
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