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    So I have an ecommerce site and I sell on amazon and ebay as well.

    I was doing competition comparison with traffic travis and with a keyword rank checker on mozilla and everytime I was doing this I would see that i was competing with ebay and amazon for rank on google, bing, yahoo etc... so i started thinking...What if i leverage the authority site of ebay amazon and so on to get my listing to top of the page ranks of google. Since amazon is so big I dont think that google will provide the google slap if i used black hat methods to provide links for that specific listing.

    Seeing what people think seeing if they've done it or if they have had any success with this method.

    Things to make sure I have before proceeding see if anyone has an answer for me.

    For Amazon

    1. I've checked on amazon and I'm not always on the seller box so doing SEO for that listing wouldn't make sense to get someone else to rank so issue is how do I get a unique listing of an existing product without having amazon merge it with another existing listing witch would change the URL of the product. Any ideas for unique listing that won't get merged I read somewhere that you could do a combination of things to get listing to be unique not sure and comments would help.
    2.I have not been able to do this with my products but have seen that some products on amazon have key words on url of listing all my products dont so im trying to figure out what to change in my listing to make sure keyword(s) are in url as well. Anyone know what or how? I think its the ASIN number but not sure.
    3. Is it really wise to do this since in essence im competing with myself to get to the top of google, but some money is better than no money.

    For Ebay

    1.URL not an issue if you get the an ebay store you can customize that and do SEO for it.
    2. Don't have to worry about mergers with other sellers like on amazon.
    3. Once again is it really wise to compete with myself again.

    I've concidered the cost and it averages to about 15% of the sales price on ebay and amazon is 15% and that what I would pay a sales person or affiliate to drive sales to my page so with all that said its fair price to pay I guess.

    Well any input would be appreciated. I'm a little hesitant just a bit worried about getting my accounts banned but does amazon or ebay even care if we give them more backlinks?
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    Hey wondering if you ever figured out any of this?

    I am in a similar situation. Give me a PM if you want to share ideas/experiences with this.