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Amazon dirty secrets???

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by oliva999, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. oliva999

    oliva999 Power Member

    Feb 6, 2010
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    Few days ago I found an article about Amazon affiliate program which left me in a very disturbed state of mind :( If is is true it means that 95% of sales are never recorded and Amazon affiliate program just a big waste of time. So I decided to ask an opinions of BHW members on that subject:

    1. Today 95% of Internet users set up security levels on their computers very high, so cookies just do not stay cached on their PCs.
    Clicks of their visit do stay tracked, but with very high security level on your readerĀ“s PC , your tracking code and your sales just do not get registered . You actually do earn nothing, whenever somebody has too high security level set up, what happens in 95% of cases. Companies, like Amazon.com who provided you with tracking code are very well informed about that fact.

    2. Even if people use moderate security level, majority of them regularly clean their computers from viruses and cookies, so if they did not buy product you referred them immediately (you allegedly should not be worried about it, because cookies should stay in their computer), when they clean PC, they clean your tracking code as well, so when they next time visit f.E. Amazon.com, without using your link and buy product you referred to them, your cookies do not exist any more, so your all effort was for nothing. So cookies are in the most cases just beautiful story which does not work in reality.

    I discovered this trick of fraud several months ago, when I set up few affiliate programs on my own website. None of the sales which my clients, with whom I was in e-mail contact was recorded.

    I found out (from Comission Junction where I applied for selling Native Remedies) why the sales are not recorded ...Of course they explained that only 5% of visitors set up very high level of security, so I should not worry about that - (what is lie, the truth is that today 95% of people do that)- and they recommended me that I should focus on more intensive marketing (!) and not on this few non-recorded sales.

    My boyfriend and me checked that statement, made experiments, and realized that tracking number of affiliator is visible - only when we set security level as "moderate". When is high, referral codes and numbers, just do not exist, what is certainly not problem of costumers.So I deleted that affiliate programs from all my sites.

    The same case is with Amazon.com, every now and on I get some happy e-mail from my readers, who ask me various questions about their health in connection of using product which they bought after I referred them through my Hubs.

    Full article

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  2. TwistedSEO

    TwistedSEO Regular Member

    Sep 30, 2011
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    Maybe it depends on the niche you are in. In my niche, I get about 40-60% recorded clickthrough rate for most of my sites (which means at least 40-60% of them are being tracked by my cookie), and out of those 4.5-7ish % buy something. I've been in some niches where the numbers were much higher.

    I imagine if you are selling in niches where people are tech savvy, you'll have lower chance of sticking a cookie. Maybe I'm wrong, but I get better conversions from amazon than any affiliate program out there.
  3. shaneparkins

    shaneparkins Junior Member

    Feb 27, 2013
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    Wow - what a scam, it should be recorded by click and then follow through to conversion - I was not aware of this and I think if more people knew this they would not join the program. If you are generating them visitors the least they could do is pay you!