Allow Adversity to Be Your Friend!

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    Nobody likes it when something does not go your way but that is going to be a part of our lives as long as we occupy the bodies in which we reside so it makes sense to take a look at adversity and make it work for you. It is easy to complain that it sucks when things are going in the wrong direction and it is easy to give up sometimes as well but the better way to handle those times in our lives is to make adjustments in our lives and see how we can change for the positive due to those adverse times.

    Client calls and cancels and rather than say "Client, you suck, I hate you and the horse you rode in on!", say, "Client, I'm sorry I did not meet your expectations and I sure would appreciate it if you took a few minutes of your time and told me where I fell short so I can be sure not to repeat those errors. I sure would appreciate that!"

    Do not use the words We, Us, My Company, etc., take the blame yourself and own the fact that even if it was someone that worked for you it is still on you. Use the word "I" as if you are the one that is handling your client cancelling (or any other non-positive event) you are the face of the issue and you need to be humble enough to take a beating from your client.

    Same thing with a lot of other areas even if you think you are right... ignore that you may or may not be right and just apologize, ask for their opinions as to how you can improve and thank them for their kindness in helping you grow as a businessman/businesswoman.

    One of the thoughts I look at in my life is to see if I believe I have been "unjustly accused" and if so I try to no longer get angry or upset but apologize that I caused an issue (even my not communicating properly and thus causing the issue that way is my fault) and ask for the other person's opinion as to how I can change for the better. I try and do that in my personal as well as my business life and it has made things much easier as to less tension and much better relationships with all those I deal with when something like that comes up.

    It does not matter who is right and who is wrong, it only matters that I take those kinds of situations and see how they can make me a better person.
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    Hugely agree with the whole not using 'We' 'Us' etc. Customers and followers for any kind of blog or business can connect with you much more if you're personal. At the end of the day, people connect with people, not businesses.
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    Agree on the being humble, accepting the mistakes and apologizing for things you might have not even done, I think it is crucial for a biz to accept whatever customers say, even tho it might just piss you off.

    I do not agree with the "I" instead of "US"; I believe if you buy services from a company, the whole company should be sorry rather than the individual who you are dealing with; to me, it makes the business a lot better; on the other hand, if someone says I am sorry, ill either consider just him/her admitting the mistake or the company being a 1 man zone.

    Anyways, I think its great to make a thread like this, we usually forget how valuable is to make a client happy no matter how it ends.
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    Never thought I'd find motivational stuff like this here; have to say, could not agree with you more. As the old adage goes, sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right.
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    I believe that disclipline has a very important role in the way we make our own path. We encounter obstacles and we have choices. No matter how affected (good or bad) we all seem to be by other people's decision, at the end of the day, when you go to bed, it's only you and only you who needs to realize that it all comes down to your own decision/s and that you need to LEARN how to take responsability. It's not something that everybody can do, same as not everyone has the same level of discipline (regarding IM, real life etc). Everybody should know that if you want a thing done, you have to do it yourself. When you send another one to do it for you and he fails, it's not his fault, it's still yours because he was part of your choice which is directly connected to the cause of failure.

    "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." by Jim Rohn Take a while and think about this.
    Good post BTB, glad to have you back.

    PS I'm talking in general, the post isn't intended to OP especially.