AGED vs FRESH Youtube accounts

If you want to start an Youtube journey, what would you choose?

  • Fresh account

  • Aged account

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Oct 23, 2019
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Hello everyone!

I've been browsing this forum and going into the search option, people have different opinions into this and I would love if someone can clarify something here. I want to start a Cashcow youtube channel, thing is that I know from Instagram that it's better to have an aged account as it's already "warmed-up" and you don't encounter soft bans while liking, commenting, DMing, etc. But for Youtube, what is the real benefit of having an aged account?

By aged account, I see people don't actually refer to an account created few years ago but an account created few years ago that have already +1K subs and +4K views. So, from my understanding, it's basically nothing to buy an account from 2010 if it doesn't have the +1K subs and +4K views?

Then, I've understand that the only benefit here for aged account would be:

1) You can already start monetizing it (but honestly, if you blow-up, I think you would be at least able to start monetizing after you reach 1K subs and 4K views so you don't lose money, I mean, what's the worst amount you could lose, maximum 20-30$?)

2) You already have some "social proof" and you can have views on channel so you can boost it from beggining. it's kinda odd. If the channel have 1K subs and it's in a gaming niche with some old and lame gaming videos, after few years the subs might not receive anything or being inactive, then, if you switch to make some history or nutrition videos for example, they could basically just unsubscribe and I think would be worse as you have people unsubscribing, having low watchtime (they see few seconds of the video, they exit and unsubscribe, etc).

So, honestly, why would I want to invest in an aged account when I could just start a new channel? I don't care about monetizing it the second second I log-in on it and I don't care about the social proof. I'm wondering if it really boosts your starting somehow or let you get recommended more/randomly than a fresh channel?


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Aug 26, 2021
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This is a great question, and I am curious to see the responses.
Personally, I don't see any huge advantages. There are many creators coming to the platform and growing quite a lot early in, a new channel you would be purchasing would look no different from those channels. YouTube can't hide/shadow ban accounts just because they were created recently.
Also when purchasing a "fresh" channel with 4k hours, make sure the channel actually looks real/active and that the watch time looks real. I have seen YouTube not accept channels for monetization because they get a huge amount of their watch time on just one or two of their videos.
You may be better off growing your own channel with long videos and paying for high retention views with some lower retention views mixed in. if you do the math, you only need 16,000 views with 15-minute retention views. Creating 10 videos with a mix of 5–15-minute retention videos, you are more likely to get accepted for monetization as the watch time looks much more legit.
Also, YouTube requires 4k hours of watch time every year if you buy an aged account that you're expecting to be monetized, make sure they have 4k hours of watch time in the last 365 days.


Oct 13, 2012
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Old, inactive accounts will not rank higher than new accounts.
It had no traffic for years and the previous niche of the account might not match the current one so it's basically like hitting a reset button.
The benefits of old accounts are that they seem more "trustworthy" in the eyes of youtube and mainly good for automated/mass channels, if you're going the manual route there's basically no real difference.
If you promote yourself, do keyword research and your content is good you will rank.
Not every "old account" has 1k subs and 4k hours of watch time, there are many sellers that provide blank aged accounts, those with 1k subs and 4k watch time are good for people who want to start an automated and monetized channel ASAP or simply don't want to wait till they get it on their own.


Aug 7, 2021
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There is no difference, fresh or aged account, everything will depend, in what you want to do, if you want to start organically will take some time and work to reach the goal, if you want to start asap monetizing the chanel and make content an aged account, but still you need to work in tags, quality of the content, thumbnail, but both aged and fresh are the same and you you lose money paying for an aged account, that really does not make any difference.