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    We're looking for the Best Web Designers/Developers out there who can help us build an interactive website which will act as a multi-tool for suppliers, sellers and affiliates in one database. We want a complete package.

    We are a Business Process Outsourcing company, we've got clients all over the world as well as 3rd party affiliations. We want a database which can connect all of our services and wherein they can get access on the backend to all important details that they need.

    A few of our clients are running their businesses online, web-based stores that sells gadgets and security devices. Since the market is good for these types of products, affiliates come in and gives additional traffic to them. Now, we need log ins for these affiliates so they can track their sales and commissions in the backend. That's also what we need for suppliers so they can update the backend's products and pricing and it needs to show realtime updates on the
    website as well as the affiliates portal.

    Another thing is that it needs to have a dropshipping portal as well. This is where we will update the products, services and shipping charges.

    Main goals are to create the following:
    -Admin Control Panel
    -Affiliate Control Panel
    -Supplier Control Panel
    -Virtual Terminal for Placing Orders
    -Virtual Terminal for Processing Payments Offline

    We want a platform that has the admin, affiliate, and dropshipper log ins. Admin panel should have all the authority to manage the portal, both affiliate and dropshipper. Affiliate panel only have access on his campaign, marketing, product links and banner and able to view his affiliate details refferal links and his commision.

    Drop shipper can only access the order for shipping and the dropshippers will automatically update the order tracking number.

    Database should have reporting tool for all transactions made. It can either be set daily or weekly.

    Sample screenshots will be provided but it will be best if you could actually perform beyond expectations.

    If you think you can meet the requirements, leave us a message here.

    Tell us what you can do. Show us. Amaze us.
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