Advice on Linkbuilding guides/strategies? Please!


Jul 7, 2009
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Does anybody know of any step-by-step blackhat/whitehat link building guides/strategies?

I've done tons of research, but with so much information it's really difficult to know which methods are effective, what to do ,and the optimal order to do things in!:confused:

I plan to do a combination of:
- Forum posting
- Social media profiles
- Linkwheels
- Article submissions to various sites
- Blog comments
- Guest posts
- Quality content

But I really would appreciate any suggestions on the best order to do these in, good goals to avoid a G smack down... basically a strategy to combine and execute all the most popular link building methods.

Any help please?
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Don't follow a footprint. Randomly do eveything. Only way to stay off the G radar. Worst part is you wouldn't know that your plan is less effective but would be doing triple to work you need to get the same results. Better safe than sorry - randomly do everything.
I suggest reading Tan's The Rank Mover as it has a systematic way of doing back link building depending upon your keyword search and competition your site is optimized for. The book recommends getting trust from Google first by initially building links from .edu/.gov sites before blasting links all around the net. It's used to be available in the download area.
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