Advice for using Autoblog Samurai and ftp for images.

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by gothrob, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Hi all

    I'm playing with Autoblog Samurai on trial version and need some advice please....

    No problems with creating Wordpress autoblogs with an Amazon Affiliate account to monetize with this system, but I prefer to build free sites on Blogger as I can then add Google Adsense for extra monetization. The Autoblog Samurai software tells you that for Blogger sites you need seperate ftp hosting for images with links to the url. I have tried using an account with DriveHQ and saw the images from my generated auto content uploading to the online storage but they don't appear on my sites.... only as empty image markers.

    Can anybody using ABS or someone who is more tech than me please help with this? My Wordpress autoblogs look ace and are getting traffic with no input from me, but aside from Amazon and Clickbank I don't know how else to monetize... it's probably really simple but I just don't understand the ftp for images and Blogger... nothing in the ABS manual :-(

    (I'm just starting out with this so be kind if I'm talking guff!)
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    Are you still having problems with this? The reason they are not showing is you didn't have it set up correctly to start with and now all the links in your blog posts are pointing to the wrong location.

    I had this issue, solved the problem and had to manually correct all the links to images in each post plus uploaded all the images to the ftp server for it to work properly.

    I had to create an FTP account and user just for my images location like this

    http://www.yourdomainname/images is my location for image files. Then make sure your login name is [email protected] with correct password and ip settings. Now all the files will go to the right location on your ftp server.

    And each post has to be edited so the image files point to the right location like .

    It's not explained well at the site either. He says make a ftp user but doesn't say make a ftp user to that directory. That is the key. You can't use your main account or it will go to the root folder. You must create a unique user ftp account just to that folder.

    For example:

    I have a site for dog toys and it's called I make a folder for images on the domain so it is

    I then create an ftp user who's credentials are name=dogimages
    password=dogimages and my root path is

    I edit my blog FTP details to and don't miss this:

    Check the enable this feature box, server must have the IP of the ftp server

    Like this:

    Ftp Username: [email protected]
    Password: dogimages
    Images posted here can be accessed at: http://www.

    Now it when you post to your blog the path will get updated correctly.

    When you update your feeds, it takes the local path to your files and puts in the proper path as above.

    Now you have to edit each post and change the path. If your original path was:

    c:\program files\Auto Blog Samurai\Data\Dog Toys\Imagename.jpg

    it now has to be changed to:

    I keep my ftp server open on a different screen so I can verify the image file names. If they aren't on the ftp server, I go to the original sites location and download each file and save it to my ftp image folder.

    I learned this fast because I had already posted 99 feed articles to my blog and had no images. One I got it figured out I had to fix the paths on 99 posts.

    It's not as hard as it sounds!

    Good luck with this!
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    hi guys i am haveing an issue with abs,this is the issue i am having evertime i go to grab images every time i do a update feed and it freezes up i dont know what is going on with it i have also reinstalled it and still the same problem and it is the registered version that i use.
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    Can you please suggest me free ftp hosting service for uploading images in blogger through auto blog samurai???
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    I am also having trouble with ftp. Basically the images only show to me when I am logged to the ftp, however to everybody else it never shows because they are not logged to the ftp. How can I change that? I tried with DriveHQ and Zymic.

    I getting stressed out with this.

    Thank you so much.

    Love the forum btw =)