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    Hey Guys n Gals, I have an adult porn tube site that needs adult backlinks and good SEO to get more visitors. The site has been up for a year and it gets 250 visitors a day without any paid ppc, cpa; its pretty much a raw site. I do use traffic holder every 3 months and I have made some cash from my affiliate links but its time to take it to another level. Any links or resources is greatly appreciated. If you have banners or text links I will gladly put them on my site.

    By the way Im willing to pay for services to get my traffic up.

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    Juicy ads pays and is a good place to advertise on the cheap.
    Social bookmark every video link you have.
    Create mini movies of a hott chicks or power point slides of hott legal chicks and post them as videos to youtube as teasers.
    Create as many social bookmarking profiles as possible gaining as many ppl as you can. Twit does a great job for this and when you make profiles use Good looking chicks pictures. ALso on your own site perma link properly.

    THen after all this SPAM links as many as possible. Make sure you have a good selection of videos going.. Try a wordpress autobloggers that will get feed videos from your money site and water mark your videos. :) Good luck

    Get your analytics together so you can see your sites trend