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Nov 12, 2018
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Hi guys,

I am quite new to the forum so I am not sure I put this in the right place, but I have seen other PBN post here and hope it works.

I might have a deal on the table where I would take over a large PBN (3,000+ sites). All individual IP:s, Who is protection, etc. All sites will also be managed through one single software, making updates easier and I have access to "all" relevant softwares for getting statistics.

I fully understand that it is a huge task and that I need to have more people working with this, especially as the intention is to keep posting and selling links, content, etc. and hopefully even make the PBN stronger than before. And even if I have some good features in place, like the aggregating software, my starting point is that more steps needs to be automised (or at least streamlined / made more efficient).

I have some ideas on where to start, maybe scrapping some sites, how to make the sites stronger with banklinks (both internal and external). From a developer perspective I am quite well prepared and I also have good people that can sell links, but my biggest concern is the content / upload / linking part and how that is made efficient without taking on a lot of staff.

If anyone has any experience of running a large amount of sites or just have some thoughts on how to tackle such task, please feel free to comment. Of course, the costs of running a project like this is quite high, why I need to take into account the commercial aspects, if this project will fly.

I have some experience and using automated tools for content uploads, mass WP update, etc ... can easily bring Google's wrath. You cannot beat unique and hand-written content manually posted on PBNs. Just hire VAs to do the posting for $3/hour, will be much better option if you wish to keep your PBN up and running for years.

If you can afford building 3,000 blogs PBN then I am sure you can also afford VAs, content, etc ...
First off what you are saying is a big deal. If you set out to purchase good domains the cost could be upwards of $60000 (considering the cost of each domain to be modest $20). Add in hosting and content for 3k sites. I hope you have funds to back your plans.

Managing content and keeping the wheel running is a humongous task in itself.

My suggestion would be to start with 20-50 site PBN depending on your experience and then build up your empire based on the sales and clients you acquire on an ongoing basis.
With some automation its not as hard to scale as you might imagine. 3k is a lot, but can be handled with software (at least the posting and updating).
Of course you also have to take server admin tasks into account. Its also a matter if its static sites or specific CMS(s).
I like how you are going big, BUT I wonder, if you are experienced enough with PBNs to know what you are getting into.
Have you confirmed that PBN consists of good domains with good backlinks?
Why is the person selling it?
Hosting should run at least $4-6k per month.
1000+ PBN here, all managed through excel and post submissions done via a custom GSA engine. (No I won’t sell it).

You don’t really need any software. Most hosts update WP automatically. Although, for me, I have disable WP updates enabled because I’m not ready for 5.0 yet. Still, I don’t see any reason to use some software to manage a PBN.

I just link to the wp-admin from excel, click it, then one more click to login. I also have a cPanel manager that has links to auto-login to any of my domains cPanel’s. Custom script though, not available to public (I’m sure there are others out here).
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