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    Hi everyone.

    I am fresh member here and got questions about services and services' satisfactions/complaints. In my home country, Turkey, there is one or two unique webmaster forum. We open complain threads and present them moderators. What can I suppose to do here?

    For example, I bought a service from a guy, for trying how his services' are. (I need to clarify this situation/progress, after that I'll open another complaint thread to directly refers him.)

    The order is 3,000 credits (It is $12) so I bought 2k Twitter followers via 2k credits. Other 1k credits is in my balance. Now, I'm looking my fresh twitter acc, it seems about 1350 followers. I ordered two days ago, they started yesterday, approximately these hours. What can I do now?

    Thanks for all comments.
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    For starters get with the provider and make sure that you are both one the same page as to what you thought you were getting.

    Should you have a difference of "opinion" try and work it out together before making it a public event as that is almost always the best way to operate. Odds are you can come to something that is reasonable and not turn the business transaction into a messy situation.
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