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A Simple Three Part Breakdown of Cold Calling(Plus a Bonus Part)

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by MakeGreenM8, Jun 16, 2017.

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    If you're anything like me, you're here to learn the reality of what gives you the best odds of succeeding. You don't want to live like a content sheep like the rest of your peers. If they want to measure their life by the pile of used tissues next to their computer, that's their choice.

    You simply want to see how to make money really effectively... even if it means using brute force. Maybe you are hesitant to cold call. I'll rip off the protective seal and show why it can be ruthlessly effective.

    This is a great guide for anyone running a B2B service. It works for residential, but look out for things like the Do Not Call Registry. But for business, that isn't a problem in the US at least. Here we go...

    1. Escaping Rejection is Not Our Focus

    Yep, that's not a typo, nor am I on any substances. The truth is not many people are interested in buying anything over the phone. Especially if you are trying to sell Local SEO or Online Ad Management. We'll tilt our odds by focusing on mining for the few highly valuable clients.

    Instead, you simply say, "Hi I am Joe, (from Company X) and you could be making a (whatever) consistent profit from _____ method. Would you be interested in me showing you?/Would that interest you?/Do I have your attention?

    Note: The exact words should simply be natural to you. Just tweak the structure. From here most callers will hang up or simply say no thank you. That is exactly what we want.

    We are sorting through prospects to find people who are currently interested in buying our service. You don't want to waste your time trying to educate people! By working with likely buyers, there is little selling to do. It is about sorting. YOU ARE THE REJECTOR NOT THE REJECTEE.

    How long do you think it takes to say this? About 20 seconds per call.

    You can make over a hundred of these calls in an hour. There are hundreds upon hundreds of businesses we can cold call, so we aren't worried about rejection at all.

    We want to sift out the people who are looking to buy or have bought. Do this for two or three hours a day and you can get 2 or 3 qualified prospects in your pipeline every single day. So that brings us to the next point...

    2. You are Only Selling an Appointment
    Now we have less than 20% of our prospects on the phone still. GOOD! Next we transition into our qualifying part of the script. Play with tweaking a question sequence along these lines. Don't worry, after hundreds of calls you'll get a feel for what to specifically ask.

    1. Are you in charge of investing in online advertising? (Only speak to a boss, also gets us yes momentum from a boss, if not try to transfer the call to the boss)
    2. Would you be interested in being shown how to consistently make reliable profits of ___ ROI? (Repeating our point with a bit more consistently)
    3. What is a rough estimate of what you have invested in your online advertising? (We want buyers)
    4. Great/Congrats, How would you like to meet at ____ on ____?(A few hours before lunch usually. Or maybe a few hours before they close. Now we have sold the meeting.)
    5. ~Is there anyone else who should be there? (Optional: I've had a situation where the owner need to ask his business partner. If it is a bigger business, you'll likely want to ask this before the presentation.)

    THEN we worry about convincing them to buy when we are face to face in the presentation. This won't be that hard since we have made about a hundred calls to get in front of 1-3 likely buyers. There are dozens of people in your area who will buy. Some people even like to say yes for any reason.

    3. To Have a Growing Business Model - You Need to Offer Something Valuable
    Eventually, you may not need to cold call ever again. All you need to do is deliver on what you say. If you help a single buyer get a consistent ROI, they will probably tell someone else. It is rare to be someone who delivers on their promises in the online marketing world.

    You can also ask for referrals without shame if you are delivering on your service. It is also way easier to offer secondary services once you have a proven record. THE EASIEST MONEY IS "SECOND MONEY." You can even ask for an upsell right after they have closed the transaction. They will probably agree to reinforce their decision.

    Also, once you perfect his process, you can delegate it out. Then you can focus on meeting clients and managing the service quality.

    4. Decide Not to Be Held Back By Comfort(Bonus)
    You can transfer the above structure to a personal cold call where you are going door to door. Since you are a person, it is a little harder to get rid of you. Also, entrepreneurs tend to have an affinity for someone who is willing to hustle so directly and boldly. It is likely similar to how they got their business going.

    Punch through your comfort zone every day... and your skill level will catch up with you because your body and mind will have no other choice. Then you will have an intuitive mastery for doing this.

    PS: If you guys like this guide... then I will post another more in-depth guide about the backend part of selling. Aka upsells and referrals. After that I may write up a guide about follow up.