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A Quick Twitter Statistic I thought May Help

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by CEPI, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. CEPI

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    May 15, 2009
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    Was reading a recent edition of the Harvard Business Review and they were exploring the possibilities of using Twitter as a Micro-Feedback tool for businesses instead of the current multi- page surveys that a lot of companies send out asking about how you enjoyed their product or service.

    They had recommended that companies tweet each question and compile the response of their collective followers. Anyway that's beside the point I was just giving a preface. The part I want to mention was a couple stats that may help marketers a bit.

    They quoted a study done by ComScore on Twitter use and found that the largest age group of the NON-BOT Twitter users (Real Humans) are ages 45-54 and the second was that as far as that age group is concerned it is also the highest growth of non-bot users, growing at a rate of 50% per month!

    I found that interesting and felt it may be helpful for fellow marketers to think about hitting products based in that demographic based on its huge number of people and large growth rate.

    That's all, carry on....