A little Help for a Newbie - Sell Websites/Webdesign

Apr 20, 2020
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To start this out, last year in July I finished school and started to try making some money online. I started on yt and thought I'd easily earn thousands with affiliate sales, lol. It didn't take long until I realized that it's not that easy and tried a few different things afterwards.
In the beginning I struggled with connecting a domain to a website and other basic things but somehow landed my first client using email spam. I built him a site using a divi template and he was happy with it. In the meantime my skills have evolved quite a bit and I have redone his website twice already to make it look good. He has referred me to my second client.
The winter I spent in New Zealand (I'm from Europe) working and enjoying life while learning Seo & Webdesign in the evening. Through lockdown i sold another two websites from another referal and asking if someone needs a website in a facebook group. After lockdown ended here I travelled around using the money from the last two sites, I went skydiving & made some other fun things. It really struck me doing this that through the summer I should focus on finding a way to get clients.
If i can do this I'll have a much nicer & fully indepent time at university from my parents.
Note: Its not my goal to start a webdesign agency or get rich doing that it should just be a side hustle and that's how I sold it to my few clients aswell: I'm a one man show who does every part of the project and they can always call me if they need something done

So to come to the question: how do I best go about finding new clients?
The money lays in referals in sellings websites imo but what are some good ways to find completely "new" clients in your opinion? I don't want to walk in to businesses and straight up ask them and also don't want to do email spamming anymore. Any good "secret" tips ;)

Sorry about the long rant and apologies if this is not the correct place to post it in...