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5 Best Ways for Monetizing the Apps

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by webinaz, Apr 27, 2016.

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    There are surely many ways to earn money from your mobile app, android or ios phone. Some years before may be ten years before use of app in mobile phone was not obvious but now due to development of Smartphone there are introduced hundreds and thousands of mobile app. Now experts in these fields can get or make thousands of dollars. Remember, to launch or start an app is very complicated process as compared to others. So you have to move onward under careful steps. Some ways to earn money are given below:

    1- Charge per Download:

    One of the more easy way to earn money is to get charges from download of the app you have created and launched. More the number of downloads the more money will come in your pocket. In last year Gartner earned 25 billion dollars of its app downloaded by respective customers. According to Distimo report the Apple?s App store was earning 15 million dollars revenue per day and Google Play was getting 3.5 million dollars revenue up to November 2012.Surely for downloading these app there is need to get, retain and grow customers through proper channel.

    2- Create a ?Freemium? App

    In most app stores there are two options for app can be Free or Paid. But there is also a third option that is very helpful for earning money. Many app are free to download but if you require their upgrading features then will have to pay money for getting those important features. Prices offered for such purchase are mostly small under 5 dollars.
    For example Candy crush is a very good example for such Fermium app. They make money through giving option to players to get items within the game. Other good example is of Words with Friends. Here you have to pay for making game faster and increasing your experience.

    3- Advertising:

    Advertisement is a very important tool for earning money through users and customers of your app. Rates for mobile ads are very low than other respective online channels. So this is a very attractive way to reach the ads to customers and users who can view the advertisements. On mobile devices there are used many categories but two are most famous. First is Banner add.
    A banner ad serves on mobile app just like banner on any online forum. There are many companies who are advertising through banner ad and getting great results. Second way of advertisement through mobile devices is interstitial. Interstitial means such ad that comes on the whole screen.

    4- Find a Sponser:

    There are many app that are not about games but of sponsor through any advertisement can get high value. Most mobile advertisement earnings are coming from a fantastic sponsor?s very nice example of fantastic sponsor may be about Major League Baseball and Dunkin? Donuts.

    5- Partner With Mobile Ad Network:

    A very attractive way is introduction of ads within the product. Through this way you can get big money. A nice way is goose sponsorship deals with advertisers. Here are some big mobile networks that are working for such kind of work and people or experts are making money.


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    Thanks OP! Really you have shared sounds good information.
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    It's stolen. Everything this dude posts is from somewhere else.
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