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    Hi, i have my commercial sites on wordpress for content creation, but on my niche don't are many content (news) for create post every weeks, i need a freelancer that:

    .-Setup the autoblog plugins: i have some rss feeds for get the content, them i need setup it for better seo, as rewrite the articles, get full article from the excerpt of rss, publish it on social networks (via onlywire, autosocialposter, etc)

    .-Setup the seo plugins: we have the keywords analized, so i need setup for fast increase in rankings

    .-Install other plugins and do other works that the guy think will be right for get 1st position on ranks (now are from 2 to 7 position)

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    Throw me a PM, I can help you with your autoblog set up. Or you can contact me on any of the messengers in the banner below.