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    Nov 6, 2010
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    This past summer I learned about wordpress and IM and pretty much understand ( I would say) a little more than just the basics. I currently have three websites ( 2 of which I have not even touched since I started them). I am really focusing on one of my websites. ( It's a hip hop entertainment website). Because this is my first time posting on BHW ( I am not posting the URL to my website) being that I do not want to get anyone mad or get myself into trouble being that I am not acquainted with all the rules and regulations yet. So back to what I was saying...I basically want to know the proper steps to do a 301 redirect with wordpress. If you could provide me with the steps from start to finish that would be so helpful. I want to move every piece of content, plugins, etc to this new wordpress ( being that I changed the URL). I just don't want to run into trouble with Google and having two blogs that have duplicate content. I couldn't seem to find a consistent answer about how to do a 301 with Wordpress. I have hostgator ( by the way) and they have certain tools that will help me with redirect but I am not quite sure if this would be the best option. I feel like because I am using wordpress I am a little hesitant about doing this 301 redirect . I just want want to mess things up. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. ;)
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