26yo digital degenerate.


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Dec 5, 2016
Entering my late 20s being broke and even worse - in debt.
How did I get here?

Started hustling online when I was about 19 , did many things as everyone just starting out, SEO , CPA, affiliate,youtube all that being blackhat. Never had much luck with it.
Not until Instagram spamming/client management started gaining momentum, and boy was I grinding hard.
I was (proudly) one of the first people ever to start selling 4G proxies

The first setup was done in my basement, using these strange USB extenders and 3G modems.

Demand was huge, and everyone was making money at that point, so naturally we were expanding..


Spending a fair amount of money on new hardware, developing new setups, and hiring the right kind of people...
The cycle continued, more orders, solving new issues, more hardware, more stress, sleeping at the office at this point.

Fast forward a few months, we are expanding to Ukraine with a new setup (by saying we I mean it's still me and my wife at that point, but more about that later)


Setting everything up in Ukraine turned out to be stressful as fuck, abusing modafinil daily didn't help much either.

Traveling back and forth to Ukraine to deploy new batches of modems, while setting up a "business", doing taxes and stuff.
Keep in mind, at this point only 'employees' at this moment is one Ukrainian dude who basically just has to live in a rented apartment and a friend of mine who does the majority of the work with the servers remotely.

Advantages of hustling 24/7? Well, you get to drive nice cars, fuck Ukrainian prostitutes, and do drugs ( preferably all 3 same time :anyway: )


Fast forward 6 months or so, Instagram starts getting more strict, client growth stops, nothing to worry about, right. Right?
Fast forward 6 months 70% of clients are going bankrupt because they can no longer grow their client's accounts, stuff in Ukraine is being paid for from the savings.
Still trying to work with affiliates to gain more clients from different niches, hoping for TikTok automation to resurrect the proxy business, start doing more M~DM~A than moda.
Clients start refunding payments that are almost 1 year old, fuck Paypal for this.

fast forward 6 months, there's not much hope left realistically, investing money left and right.
A few months pass, nothing seems to work. Joined stm, got some motivation, and created a thread called something like "Watch me make it or go insane",
and boy did I...
2 most fucking intense months in my life. I had a couch in the office like 2 meters away from the computer.
My daily routine was something like this
- Wake up
- drugs
- 20-30h just grinding paid ads.
- repeat

Lost well over 10k$ in the process and most certainly my sanity...
Memories are kind of blurry from that time, but my wife (which was still supporting this kind of lifestyle, not the drugs part ofc) found out about the Ukrainian prostitutes, so yeah, that's was over.

Decided it's time to sell the hardware, got in touch with my Ukrainian guy to arrange my arrival, turns out he sold all of it for pennies already.

Fuck more prostitutes, do more drugs, go partying, crash my car, all that to forget about the situation I was in.

Started a project with a couple of friends, finally started to make some money again.
That wasn't enough now since my friends also liked to party, so we spent most of the money on drugs.

Didn't have enough money to pay for the office, let some friends in to do their business there, leaving my stuff there.
Shit got stolen, by so-called friends.

Long story short - I had to move to my parents house
That felt like the worst fucking thing.
Wanted to get my shit together as fast as possible.
Quit doing drugs.
Started an Etsy store (selling digital designs), got a designer , started doing some automation to get traffic, first month was pretty hard, earnings were low.
The second month it picked up and started seeing 100$/day profits.
The shop got banned due to copyright claims.

Seeing that it can be profitable another shop was created on my friends name.
Started slowly, made sure the designs were very unique.
Created scripts to scrape best-selling designs, upload them for the designer and upload them to etsy once that was done.
Everything was going slow but steady. Got banned after about 2 months again.
Realizing that I'm again at 0$/month
Do some drugs.

Fuck this shit.
Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. - Jack Ma

I understand that this post turned out to be a fucking biography of my failures, but I'm not looking for compassion, it just feels good to talk about it.
I'm sure there are some people reading who is/was in a similar situation, virtual degenerate fist bump!
I'm not going to set any goals, all I want is to be busy with work again.

Projects at the moment
Meet with a friend that has a live streaming/video creation business, get some hardware from him, start going to record basketball matches a few times a week to earn some money. - 400e/month

Figured out mobile proxies are a thing now, there's much more competition, but there's demand as well, got some hardware from the basement, called up my network ninja buddy, and in two weeks we had fully working private modems solution with API and all that cool stuff, working on the user panel now. -
Clients - 3

Start growing Etsy seller's Facebook group by spamming Etsy.
Captcha and proxy expenses 20$

Scrape facebook events to get leads for video production gigs, upload them up Hubspot, get ready for cold calling.
Cold calls - 0

Set up shopify/woocommerce to sell digital designs
- nothing is done yet.
What a story !
You definitely went through a lot of shit (and fucked a lot of prostitutes with floury nostrils...

I'd stick to Jack MA sentence, you have a nice set of skills and are not afraid of doingthe job, taking risks and putting in the hours of grind

Moral of the sorty kids - don't do proxies.

I'm sorry it did not work for you, we're actually making 3k/month approx from 4G proxies right now, I hope our business doesn't follow the same path !

If you don't succeed, very few people will in my opinion

You seem to manage to stay mentally strong, that's the best part !
Keep it up mate
But you were dealing with them since years? I dont really get that up-down-up part. Did I miss something?
Great catch, that was probably the biggest downfall, the inability to adapt.
We were selling Shared proxies, where you would connect through our load balancer and your account would use the modem with the least accounts on it.
It seemed so smart, and I was just trying to push it, instead of just renting each modem privately.
There are many things I would(and I will) do differently in business. For example not using Paypal, charging clients more to provide better services, don't just blindly trust people, and most importantly never do it just for money, but try to perfect something and money will come.

@Chaffrey Thank you for the kind words, even If I don't ever succeed, I choose to try.
Well buddy this is a fucking story!
I am nearly 22 now, when I was 19 I picked up a method that generated me a lot of money, tried MDMA and gut stuck at partying & non stop spending money on drugs, but I quit all of that shit after 3 months, got myself together, realized that all that drug stuff, partying, etc is just temporary happiness without anything positive out of it, even memories are awful honestly.

Ups and downs are normal, but drugs & prostitutes won't get you anywhere! Go to the gym or something, since you've been there and done that you know that MDMA, coke, and everything isn't something special and can fuck up your brain & motivation in the long run, thanks god I realized that only 3 months after.

Just stick to your plan because you got the brain, you got the hustle mode, don't let short term happiness beat the real happiness which is success, family, true friends (not tied with drugs) & girlfriend or wife.

Go get it champ!
You have really been through a lot from your story. Damn!

I wash you goodluck mate, massive goodluck! I'll be following your journey and who knows, I could learn a thing or two from it.

Goodluck once again!
Been very busy with setting up new proxies and going to the basketball matches every other day,I promise to do a more in-depth update once I have a bit more free time.
Let me know in the comments if you interested in any of my ventures, and I promise to spill all the beans.

ProxyClients - 5
- Rented new office space with better internet connection
- Bought signal booster and few other things needed total expenses 300$~
There has been much. much more work than I anticipated to make modems 100% stable, create a proper API, and make clients 100% happy )
It's not much compared to the scale we used to work with, but I'ts something, and yes that's a signal booster pointing through my window : )

Start growing Etsy seller's Facebook group by spamming Etsy.
Captcha and proxy expenses 180$~ (bought capmonster for 90$ to reduce captcha costs)
Group1(Sellers) - 4.3K
Group2(targeted buyers) - 600~

Scrape facebook events to get leads for video production gigs, upload them up Hubspot, get ready for cold calling.
- Scraper running and sending all events data to my hubspot account - https://prnt.sc/w48zef

Clients landed/ Calls - 0/20~

Shopify store to sell digital designs
- 20$~
- Have to set up push notifications, start sending large scraped email campaigns
- Todo - scrape emails from Instagram
Only traffic from Facebook group at the moment

Live broadcasts
- It's starting to take too much of my time and I just can't figure on other projects enough, but I will just keep on doing it at the expense of my sleep, good side of it - it's somewhat like my free time, I get to drive my car for few hours and watch basketball for couple more (which we Lithuanians love to do)

Honestly, it feels great to get moving from a standstill again and trust me when I say I won't let myself go this time.
Even got some time to work on my baby :anyway:

To be continued...
I enjoyed reading this thread.
This kindda reminds me my lifestyle back in 2014-2015 when i was 23 lol. The difference is that yo spent your own money but i spent my fathers fortune (not all of it THANK GOD).

nice come back though

Ps. Im sober since 2017. never been better
I don't think it has to do with the failure of proxies but you as an individual, you seem like a hard-working individual but you need to work on yourself, else you will keep going down the drain

+1 ... Doesn't matter how much you make if you don't keep any of it
You are the real deal man!
You will soon start seeing light. Just remember not to repeat the same mistakes. Break the cycle and put yourself on a growth trajectory.

Good luck
Now that gets all my motivation together. Keep it up mate, good things are yet to come!
Hi bro, good luck. I am in same position however i 100% guarantee you will not change. Our life will always be like an elevator up and down.
Great fucking story. Although for you that is real life and you have to live with the consequences.

I admire your take on things and your stand-up mentality. Lots of people could need someone like you in their life (given they either are doing drugs already or are not prone to fall for it because of you :D )

But in all seriousness, I would love to follow your journey and learn more from it, especially from the motivation part and I wish you all the luck in the world!

Just stay healthy my friend and keep it up!
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