2017 Best Network For Advertising?


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Nov 26, 2014
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Hello so I have old question that bother lot of people. Which network is best for making money?

I know that best is Adsense, but they suck by their policy, I worked with them for about half of years then I got banned, I lost 1800 pounds and all my domains whose banned...

So then I tried to find best alternative for Adsense. I found some blog that who's about 20 networks I tried lot of them, but most of them who's not making any money, or they did not accept my website. Some not accepted for low impresion because my main traffic is mobile apps, some because it is adult content: dating. So then I tried Adsterra and only this one worked for my. So now from 2016/06/08 I made more than 20k usd in this network, for my this is not bad, I can live from this money.

Later I tried Propellerads, this one worked not bad in beginning but later my earnings started to drop. In this network I'm working from 2017–01–14 and I made about 5k dollars till now. I'm running on same sites this 2 network ads and this is my stats.

Adsense daily stats: 30-45 usd in day
Propellerads daily stats: 4-12 usd in day

So difference is huge...

I`m not saying that I'm planning to abandon this network's but I got feeling that I'm losing lot of money... So I'm very interested in witch networks you are working? How much you made, how long you are working there and I think this question is important to lot of people that making money online.