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    Hi guys

    This might look like a stupid question, but im still quite the beginner, and i've searched, but couldn't find an answer about it.

    How good or bad is it, to have a domain name with 2 times your keyword in it ? For example : you're in the advertising niche, but the advertising domain name advertising.??? is obviously taken. So instead you take advertising-advertising.??? or something like that.

    What would be the effects of this ?

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    If the exact match domain is taken, I prefer to try add a hyphen between the words or add one additional word at the end. It could be a word that works for your niche, or you could look on the google keyword tool for additional ideas. For branding, I personally wouldn't add the same word twice because it would look spammy.
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    I have a domain that has the "one word keyword" twice - like keywordkeyword.com - I bought it at GoDaddy Auction as a 2 year old domain. It's an ecommerce site and I have let it sit and mature ever since with no back linking at all.

    From what I can tell and from an SEO point of view, having the keyword in your domain twice does not bring any extra benefits and looks like it won't hurt your domain/site either, but it will depend on your final strategy with the domain/website.
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