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    Let me begin by telling all those who have not bought scrapebox what they are missing. It is awesome, I just bought it but I should have done so a long time ago.

    Anyway, I have 2 questions if anyone would be interested in helping me out.

    Firstly regarding slow poster.

    About an hour ago I fired up SB, put some keywords in, scraped some forums, posted around 1,000 comments then when SB had finished doing it's stuff it asked me if I would like to try the slow poster on the other 1000 (ish).

    So it is chugging away now, 26 success, 30 failed after about half an hour.

    So if I can do about 1000 in 15 mins, and the other 1,000 will take about 50 hours is there any point in me using the slow poster? are they a better quality of comment? Are they somehow better? If there was a finite number of blogs on the net I would understand but there seems to be plenty more ones I can post to fast so should I not skip the slow poster and keep harvesting / fast posting? Please let me know what I am missing.

    Second question. When I harvest I always remove duplicate domains. However, the results will go down by maybe 70-80%.

    Do you guys remove duplicate URL's or domains? Domains seems safer to me but then again if they are auto approve and they are old pages I guess posting to different pages in the same domain won't be too much trouble for the admin.

    Is there a time when removing duplicate domains is preferable to removing duplicate URL's and vice versa?


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    Most people use ScrapeBox to manually post relevant comments to High PR blog posts, waste of bandwidth if just fast posting and getting low approval ratings.

    I mean a fast post and slow post to 30000+ blogs is over 2GB in bandwidth usage.

    You need to build yourself a big autoapprove blog list for spamming effectively.
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    1 - No dont use slow poster if your trying to get massive traffic you could be using slow poster time and upgrading your progess by over 500 percent since the ration you gave 1000 = 15 mins and slow 1000= 50 hours. so think about it .. why would you invest your time in slow poster .. ?

    2- yes remove duplicates most of them will fail and it will just slow down postings

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