11 Months With Ogury Vs Admob

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    i Guys Im Paul, an indie developer from Uganda, I updated my apps with Ogury's SDK and went live on 20th August 2014.

    Since most of you know Admob pretty well, I'll be focussing on Ogury instead.

    You can sign up and integrate their SDK quickly, no waiting time, you require the jar file of only about 374KB 2 lines of main code.

    It might be important to point out that thier SDK will make your app run in the background, this is OK for those of you whose apps already do that but it might annoy users who update and find this "addition".

    A specific ad is shown only once to a specific user and not any more times to prevent spamming. This user will not see any ads more than once.

    I received my first payment via paypal within couple of days after my first month but have since then received payments via Bank Transfer and these come on a NET30 basis. The Minimum Payout is $50. At the end of the month you are sent an email detailing the amount you have earned and are required to send an Invoice of that sum to them for them to issue the payment, I find this rather cumbersome but what do you expect from a British Company (just kidding).

    The support is BRILLIANT, you are assigned an account manager who you can communicate to easily and is at your beck and call, in my experience, mine has been very responsive on all issues and answering my questions.

    They are GooglePlay complaint.

    Fill Rate varies dramatically, some months are bad and others are great as you'll see below.

    I run the SDK alongside my admob, the ads appear when the user opens the app, the ads are interstitial or Video, my apps use admob for banners and Interstitials between activities.

    Ofcourse all this talk is nothing without results. Below you can compare my earnings (Copy links and remove spaces, im new member still building my post count) for both Admob and Ogury in the last 11 months, You can see I've earned more with Ogury despite the revenues lacking consistency, some months are bad, others are good, last December I made $950 with Ogury, my highest ever with a single ad network.

    s24.postimg. org/mxsjfxb45/Admob.jpg

    s2.postimg. org/ih3gqb5i1/Ogury_Pic.jpg

    s17.postimg. org/yauhzvlen/Analytics.jpg

    Conclusion: I've made roughly more with Ogury than Admob, only recently has the Euro lost value to the Dollar so don't base on current Forex Exchange Rates for comparison. I Do suggest you give Ogury a shot.

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    wow, Ogury are doing so badly that they now post spam on forums, cheers. Im out.
    Stick with Admob