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    Got your attention? Good, because that wasn't a clickbait title, that is my offer for a sales person.

    So, I am a consultant as a day job and am looking to grow my business but can't devote more times to sales while doing more consulting, so I am looking to outsource the sales.

    So that is where this partnership comes in. You find and make the sales, and get $10,000 paid out, per sale.

    Now I'm not going to lie, this isn't some "make millions with hard work" sort of offer, because each sale is 2 weeks or more of work for me, so I must limit this to no more than 15-20 sales a year. Which means, you will have a maximum amount you can make with me. Sorry, but since each sale is weeks of work for me(that can't be outsourced, since it is done in person) I have to set this restriction.

    So, let's get down to brass tacks, or as close to them as we can, because I don't want to give it all away...

    This is B2B sales, so hopefully you have some experience in B2B sales, in fact of you have none, I wouldn't bother replying.

    Your role is to drum up the leads and close the sales. If you want to run ads, do it. Build a quality landing page, go for it. This is totally up to you.

    I am US based, my consulting business is based around specific US regulations. If you're in the US, bonus points, outside the US, we'll have to talk about logistics of doing this.

    We can discuss more as needed, once it comes to that.

    What you'll get from me:
    All literature about the services I offer, including specially made digital brochures.
    I also post informational posts on my blog, and you'll be welcome to share them to get leads.
    An email address to use for communications, to keep branding consistent.
    I will post the contact number for you on my site, so even if you didn't generate the lead, if you close the sale, you'll get the profit
    I will prove my identity to you, so you feel comfortable with doing this venture together.

    What can't you do:
    Scam or mislead people concerning this service.
    Upsell additional services not specifically cleared by me.
    Add the leads to an email list to sell them other services, unless specifically cleared by me.

    Any questions, just post them here, if they don't reveal too much, I'll answer them.

    Partnership requirements and preferences:
    Preference for US based partners
    Required B2B sales experience or indepth knowledge
    Required, read, write, and speak good English.
    A member in good standing on BHW. If you read this and want to join today just to partner up, my advice is to join today and start working on becoming a member in good standing.

    Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to finding a business partner.
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    May I ask what is the account? Is this somewhat related to medical field? Debt consolidation/management or real estate (appointment setting)?