1000 Web 2.0 Sites

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I was recently trying to pull together such a resource list. You saved me a boatload of time! Fantastic share.
Hey man what a list...

Just sign up for 10 every day which will take 30 minutes or less and by Thursday, 7 May 2009
you will have an account at all 1000 sites.

I bet that it isn't too hard to signup to them all in one day. The hard part is adding content. I've always avoided doing SEO because it seemed like it took too much work. Now that I have 2 whitehat sites up, I have to learn SEO... argggghhh.
Thanks for the list I'm getting right on it! If you guys wonder how to sign up for all those sites use Autofill Forms for Firefox
Ouch swipe.

thanks anyway for the shard. i'm going to plug the bm sites into bmd.
John I couldn't PM you about this list, looks like your PM quota is maxed out...This list really is awesome!
What a thought it was shared...........well some of have not seen it and i am glad he put this up so I would not have to use google Now is some of you would look at this as an opportunity to not have to sit and look something up.I will later put this in a spread sheet and start to join as to make backlinks to all my blogs.All the while going back over again to make more.For those not paying attention that is a start to a method.With a list like this some of you guys should be working but i bet you are not.:eek:

Thanks so much to the OP. These lists must have taken at least hours to complile, if not more...
This is a great resource for all us newcomers to peruse through.
Oversized gold star for you, my friend.:):):)
whats the diffrence between 2.0 and any other blog to backlink?

also i clicked some and find it hard to post link. some dont av comemnts.

Lol sorry for the delay in responding, haven't been on the board for quite some time. Been to busy actually applying what I learned here long ago. If you actually read my post swipethemagnets, you will see I never once claimed I wrote the list.

Just wanted to put it up so people here could add it to their bag of tricks. See, I don't post for rep or credit, but to actually help my fellow man.

Seems you might be able to learn something from that.

Also, are you serious "There are no secrets here" ?!?!? Um, we are on Black Hat World. This place is a treasure trove of secrets, methods, sources and more.

To move on, hopefully this bump will help out even more people. BTW, has anyone updated or automated this list?

Good to be back.

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