1000 Web 2.0 Sites

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As a noob who found this site by accident can I just say how magnificent this post is even compared to to generally top quality posts on here. Many thanks and I hope I get in a position to give something back.
These lists are great.

OP, can you please update the links and delete those are not live?

Thank you so much!
Thanks for the list and you are my man, any one have an idea how i could make some money out of this list. Just wondering what new project I could come up with.
You rock, man! By far the most detailed list i've come across :) Thanks for the updations too!
I don't know what to say .. It is not big but its huuuuugggge .. How to utilize these for backlinks is what is popping on my mind now
While it is important to have good writing skills, that is only part of writing a good post. Obviously you possess these skills, but you also have a special flair for informative writing. Well done.
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