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    (Sorry I accidentally posted this post 2 times). When a moderator read this, please delete one of these posts.

    Hi BHW Community,

    I want to share with you a case study which showed me interesting insights.

    For about 2 months I had a conversation with the BHW User "Mindmaster" about efficiency of high PR tumblr and other high PR web2.0 accounts and their weight for SEO/link purposes.
    I asked him if he would be willing me 100 tumblr accounts to provide for a case study in which I would give my honest opinion and ergebisse. He agreed to me kindly and I started a "100 PR 2 Tumblr Accounts" case study which I want to share with you.

    Please note that this is my honest opinion and based on real results!

    Niche: Online Games site

    Targetet KW's: Medium (main KW) to high competitive (2 Keyword's)
    Main KW (for Case Study): medium competitive and 74.000 exact searches
    Other KW's: high competitive and 1.2 mio and 7.4 mio exact searches

    Main KW is a arabic KW written in latin letters (transliterated) and other two KW's are arabic KW's written in arabic letters. The focus from this Case Study is on the medium competitive Main KW with 74.000 exact searches.

    Contents of the Case Study:

    - 100 Pagerank 2 Tumblr accounts with their original posts
    - About 70 pictures that I made myself for the case study (screenshots of games)
    - Mixed anchor text and tags under each post
    - Ping Services for Tumblrs
    - No other links!

    First, I chose a KW which is medium competetive. So I wanted to see how realistic it is to rank with only tumblr accounts such KW. Please note that I before the case study already had a few Links but from the beginning of the case study I was able to examine what effect the Tumblrs had, as I have set no other links apart from the Tumblrs.
    These KW was already ranked for different countries (Arab countries).

    Avg. Position before Tumblr Links: 55 (Main KW); Other 2 KW's: nowhere

    Since I wanted to make it look natural, I postet per day about 5 pictures/posts (1 post for each account) and paused for about 1-3 days. For each account I renewed my IP is used to for Tumblr, and maybe for google to stay under the radar.
    After about first 15 posts I have already noted a (dancing) movement in the rankings from 55 to 42 and 70. Sometimes nowhere.
    However, after continuous posting i noticed more and more an increase in Rankings. The Rankings are increased slow but stable.

    On the picture below you can see the development of site impressions after about 2 weeks.

    As you can see the impressions / visibility has increased by 10 times! The CTR is still relatively low because as you know the first 3-5 Sites in the Rankings are mostly clicked in search engines and this goal has not been reached at the moment. But it still has a lot of potential.
    In the further course of posting (after about 30-35 Posts/Links) the Rankings of the Main KW increased more and more and get in average place 15-18.
    Movement: from ~55 to ~16
    High comp. KW's: danced between 200-300 to nowhere

    Unfortunately I cant show you a Ranking history because i used a free Rank tracker without account and checked it every day manually.
    After about a month and 30-40 Posts, the main KW was a jumped from 15-18 to 5 in avg (in most countries)!
    Now, after 65 postings / Links, the average rank is 3-5 in most countries for the medium competitive main KW.

    Movement: from ~16 to ~4
    High comp. KW's: danced between 50-170 to nowhere

    Finally, I want to show you the movement of traffic:

    as you can see, the traffic has increased over a period of 2 months to 7-10 times and has in my opinion a lot of potential for even more.
    I paused for about 2 weeks and still have 35 Tumblr Accounts which I will use in the next 1-2 weeks and hope and expect a further rise in the Rankings. Precisely because, according to webmaster tools not all Tumblr Links are indexed at the moment.
    It was my pleasure to share my first Case Study with you. I will let you know it in further changes in the Rankings. Thank you for reading.

    Best Regards

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