$100 dlls a day in 5 days

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    Mar 16, 2017
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    Hello all, Rick James here.

    It's been a while since I posted on here, mostly I've been reading some pretty good info.

    Last November I decided to start a dropshipping business using shopify, it was practically a test store so the only success I gained was from learning from my mistakes.

    Since then I've been testing and trying different methods, right know I am located in a beautiful Mexican beach working on a store I just launched yesterday. I am today at a 40 dollar mark with only about 6 dlls in ad spend.

    I want to clarify that my Business for Facebook is in Mexican currency so any currency amount should be divided by the current exchange rate which is $18 mxn for $1 dllr and my shopify store is based in the USA.

    Here are some of the stats of late yesterday and today. Please ask me any questions or share ideas, thanks.

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    Very inspiring journey OP! You certainly know where to work :p
    Those are amazing stats! Can I ask you which type of ad is converting best for you? ppe or wc? Also how do you manage to get a perfect 10 on relevance score? (and having that low cpc)
    I'm waiting for my 2Checkout account activation to start selling :) Cant wait to test my store