10 Ways to Avoid A Failed Product Launch

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    I shared this on another thread, just a few minutes ago and I think it might be of some value to others. It is certainly not comprehensive, but a start and I am open to hearing what others have to say.

    1. Create a following - Whether it is here, on facebook, or through your own site you want people to be interested in what you have to say. They are also saying to themselves, who are you and why should I listen? As you have been here for some time now, make sure you interact with the forums and the users here or where ever you like to frequent.

    2. Make sure you actually market your product - one marketing tactic does not equal success. You need to make sure you are really trying.

    3. Make sure your product is understandable and fits the market /group you are targeting

    4. Make sure you package it well and it is appealing. Internet Marketers are kind souls, where they some times give you a pass, but make sure you do your best to present the product in a nice visually appealing package.

    5. Ensure you have your support pieces in place to handle, questions, comments and concerns, refunds and issues folks with have with the product.

    6. Offer 3 - 5 review copies on BHW to VIP or Seasoned members as you can leverage their honest review in selling more.

    7. Have a price strategy in place. i.e. $100 for the first 25 buyers for 15 days (creates urgency & shows 50% off savings!), $200 for the next 25 (highlights interest and ups price point accordingly) My prices mean nothing, so price it according to what you want and need, but you do want to create urgency, excitement and interest.

    8. Create value adds with the distribution with the product you are giving out. If you are telling people how you used xyz service or product, contact the owner of that product and see if they will give you a coupon or something as a freebie for referring people to them via your ebook. I am sure most would be interested in this.

    9. Compliment your ebook with other products. ie Should you also offer coaching at a premium price for those that want a hand-held experience doing your method? How about a forum where they can all discuss and have access to you... which is a value thing.

    10. Appreciate the customers that you get - Make sure you have a follow up plan in place to not only thank your customers, but get referrals from them. A nice way to get referrals is by offering an affiliate option with your ebook. Instead of you selling your product, you can get 100s of people selling your product.

    Hope this helps!

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    theres also a pretty descent book on the topic, its the product lunch formula, i think its in version 3 or something... its from a "Guru" so just download it via torrent and check it out.
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    Thanks for posting. Some valuable points (and reminders) that can be applied to many businesses.