10 Things You Really Didn't Know About Domain Names

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    Domain names are equivalent to real estate within the virtual world. With the dot com era many people turned to the internet as a way of investment, social interaction, business marketing, and even virtual business. While we are all getting to grips with the ‘how tos' and the ‘what ifs' on the World Wide Web here are a few interesting facts about domain names that you probably did not know.

    1. The world's longest domain name
    Legally domain names are allowed to be no longer than 63 characters in length (excluding sub-domains or domain suffixes). While there have been many contenders and claimants for the pole position of longest domain name in the world, I tend to go with the Guinness Book of Records:

    The interesting fact relating to this domain name is it is actually a real word, named after a Welsh village! I wonder how many residents have complained to their local postal company regarding lost post?!
    Unfortunately this website is now under construction, but other candidates could also postulate for that first place, like : http://www.iamtheproudownerofthelongestlongestlongestdomainnameinthisworld.com/

    2. The world's shortest domain name
    Acknowledged internationally as being one of the main drivers behind internet evolution, Google have now legally acquired the shortest internet domain name. http://www.g.cn/ . Google purchased the unique domain name to assist their Chinese users in locating Google with greater ease.

    3. The highest price paid for a domain name?
    People throughout the world have cashed in on the dot com era, many earning an applaudable amount with very little input. In January 2006 it was announced that s(x)x.com was sold for $14 million, making it the most expensive domain name purchased to date. Close contenders to sex.com are fund.com at over $9 million, porn.com for $9.5 million and business.com for over $340 million.

    4. The first domain name to ever be registered?
    On the 15th march 1985 the first registered domain name came into existence symbolics.com which is still in existence today.

    5. What is the shortest dot com name that I may register?
    According to registering laws all domain names must be a minimum of 3 characters in length excluding sub-domains or suffixes.

    6. Domain names male and female
    If you are looking to register a male name registered I am afraid you are out of luck as they all appear to be registered to date. The ladies may have a little more luck, however, the more common girl names also come with a heavy price tag.

    7. Is it possible to buy a 3 letter domain name?
    In short no, all the 3 letter domain names have been long snatched up. That is over 50.000 domain names that are only available through a resale option, get the cheque books out.

    8. What domain names have the highest registration rates?
    Dot com domain names are noted as having the highest registration figures followed by dot cn (china).

    9. If I own a trademark does that entitle me to the rights of the domain name?
    That is correct, you don't need a trademark to get a domain name, however people have to be really careful with trademarks. For instance Ian Tunes who registered "iTunes" before Apple's "itunes.co.uk" existed. He could keep the domain name for life, as he was the first to register it, but because Apple was making offer after offer and giving him a lot of hassle to get this name, one day he was fed up and redirected his domain itunes.co.uk to Napster (biggest iTunes competitor at that time). From that point, he breached Apple's iTunes copyright and lost the domain name (Instead of making a million by accepting the original deal).

    10. Who is the most popular domain registrar?
    Depending on the source there are a number of popular domain registrars.
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    Interesting stuff...

    Minor discrepancy.

    Could you clear up the above when you get a minute?
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    If I recall correctly, Poker-DOT-com was sold for $27 million..

    But I can't acknowledge.
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    Sweet info, and you where right I knew none of that
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    Interesting facts..
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    g.cn isn't necessarily the shortest domain. There are several dozen legitimate sites using a single letter + country-code domains. Additionally (as a history lesson) x.com is one of the oldest single-letter domains still in active use (used to be an online bank, now owned by paypal).
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    the information of sales are not entirely true. try dnjournal sales chart to know exact figures.
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    good try scorpio.