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    Reddit Ban Evasion

    You are free to believe this. I've made thousands with these tactics, though.
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    Banned from Reddit into perpetuity?

    This guy is 100% correct. Reddit can not check your MAC address via web browser. It's more likely that you have been fingerprinted in another way (using cookies, session, ip address, etc. that is the same)
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    Reddit users are definitely one of the toughest groups to deal with

    At the time of the post, it was not in this forum. Moderator must have moved it. Also, to the OP, I have been fairly successful on Reddit. Although lately, it has been much tougher. Reddit seems to be tightening up their spam measures and so I would suggest, if applicable to you, that you...
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    Reddit users are definitely one of the toughest groups to deal with

    Just a heads up, there is a Reddit section of the forums now! Might be a good place to ask!
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    Do you do IM full-time or is it a side hustle for you?

    I do a lot of coding trying to improve my side hustle but have made a good amount of money (thousands) in a short period. As it is though, everything is automated and I could step back completely and let it run on it's own and still make money with maybe 5-10 minutes a week of "work." But...
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    Reddit posting issues

    Change your spam filters (in mod tools) to none, make all of your accounts approved posters and approve all of your posts. You should not have a huge issue with spamming your own subreddits
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    Has anyone had success using Howitzer for Reddit Automation?

    Depends on the bot. All of them are coded in Python and use either Selenium or PRAW depending on what I am doing. I'm thinking of moving a lot of my code over to C# though with the intention of commercializing it in the future.
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    Non-Rate limited Proxies

    Anyone know where I can get some proxies that aren't always rate limited? I've tried 3 different providers from the marketplace and all of them get rate limited on Reddit.
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    Accounts getting shadow banned suddenly?

    We have another thread from last week discussing this but there definitely seems to be something going on, at least from my perspective.
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    How big is the market for young reddit account with karma?how much could you make selling them?

    You would have a difficult time selling here because you don't meet the qualifications to sell on here.
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    Rough Reddit Week? Anyone else?

    Have continued to have mass bans on many accounts. I've had to step up my game to try and avoid being banned, fortunately I can make hundreds of accounts a day and already have a huge stockpile.
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    Anyone else completely PUMPED for the Reddit sub-forum?

    I am a long time viewer but new poster on BHW. Finally found somewhere I can call home!
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    Is it risky legally to sell bot-made reddit accounts if they can be linked to you?

    What is illegal about selling Reddit accounts? Nothing. If you could prove that you sold it to somebody (even if you didn't know who they are), what crime could you be charged with? Again, I think the answer is nothing... The only wrongdoing you have is that you are breaking Reddit's Terms...
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    URL Shortner That Works On Reddit

    Another workaround is to use linktree