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    Niche - How do you pronounce it ?

    Niche so it sounds like quiche. I've not heard Americans call it nich but I've heard plenty of Europeans say 'niche or nich for you Americans', I'm a Brit so I'm calling whatever I feel like.
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    NGINX vs Litespeed

    Both better than apache but if you're happy with NGINX stick with it
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    FREE article or copy on any topic

    Interested, pm sent
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    What do you consider to be "Fuck you money" ?

    I agree with @RoiBox its about saying no to income when you don't want to do whatever you need to do for the money probably a 9-5. The whole coffee scenario you can do for free you've just gotta be that sort of person
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    Are forum sites a valid competition?

    Forums are a good sign you'll rank well
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    Can I be financially stable with blogging in a few months?

    Something for you to consider is that income from a website can fluctuate widely, you can be earning well but you're only one algorithm change away from losing it all.
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    Its my birthday :D

    happy birthday
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    What is the EASIEST Way you have Earned MONEY?

    I once charged £100 to plug in a computer. I was interested to see what I could get away with, they paid on time without fuss. I also once charged £30 to listen to someone tell me what they thought was wrong with a program they'd written.
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    Did you guys lie about the google sandbox

    Every site I've built in recent years has shown some kind of sandbox including completely whitehat and fairly blackhat. All different niches, some building links some not. I build in a year of time into plans cause of sandbox.
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    Adsense or Ezoic

    You need to test both. I've got one site, I started with AdSense, moved to ezoic as I was tempted by possible earnings, income went down so back to adsense and backup it went, now trying monumetric and back down the income has gone, I'll probably give mediavine or adthrive a go if they'll accept...
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    can you rank without doing guest post?

    Impressive, are you willing to share any secrets to your success?