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    Amazon Aff. Links - Do They Still Ruin SEO?

    Did they ever ruin SEO? I don't think so. But always mark your affiliate links as nofollow or sponsored to be on the safer side.
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    Would you Take A backlink from this site ?

    I won't tbh. You would be risking your site rankings for $5 - not a good deal to me.
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    Just get scammed $2k

    Please use paragraphs when posting on bhw. How on earth do you expect me to read this?
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    How much is too much for hosting?

    Even $5/m is too much for GoDaddy. They're so shitty. Lol.
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    Currently google love my site, and index any post I post on my homepage. How can use it to make more money?

    Turn it to an auto blog or sell link indexing services. If you're ranking already for some nice keywords, implement ads on your website and add affiliate offers. Goodluck.
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    SHIBA INU has been listed on Robinhood will it go parabolic even tho the whole market is down?

    The project like most meme coin "projects" is dead in the water. I don't think a robinhood listing will change anything.
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    Where to sell crypto for fiat?

    Paxful Localbitcoins LocalCoinSwap Binance P2P Coinbase (idk if they have withdraw to PayPal option though)
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    Does Coinbase charge fees? I'm confused

    Why not just use a wallet to receive your earnings?
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    IM money: be in a poor country and live like a king? Or live in a rich country and hustle hard?

    Rich country and hustle hard. Good healthcare, good infrastructure, less corruption, less crime, better quality of life etc etc. You can't just compare imo.
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    Let’s Get Some Of Jeff Bezos's $$ (Amazon Affiliate + Ads Journey to $1k PM)

    Hey guys, sorry for abandoning this journey. I know I said I won't, but life happens sometimes. I ended up selling the site for $3k on Flippa after neglecting it for quite some time since other projects I was working on were taking up all my time. I would be starting a new journey here soon on...
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    My baby turns 20 today!

    Damn, that domain is older than me. :weep:
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    How can I make money from the Ukraine situation?

    What do you think the media is doing right now? I guess you already know - profiting billions from the conflict. Are they morons too? Stfu with your moral bullshit. The op didn't cause or promote the war. Homie just wants to make some cash.
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    What is more important to you: money or peace of mind ?

    Money will give me the peace of mind I need.
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    Python : how to scrap Website without proxies , please advice?

    Dude, just purchase some proxies and forget about it. These processes you're taking about a just too long and complicated. And no, I don't think you would have problems with your ISP because of scraping.
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    My website fastest as ffff - Cloudflare FTW!

    You got ads on the website?