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    Why are a lot of sites like these popping up? Are they sites hosted by google? Many of these take up a high ranking spots in random niches and link back to other sites.
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    Downloading JW Player Videos

    pm me i know how
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    DMCA removal from google search

    I'm used to getting these since my site is a streaming one every time it does happen I take a huge hit in traffic because the specific links that do get hit are the ones that are giving me a huge amount of traffic, but always bounces back and I get traffic from newer episodes. What I'm wondering...
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    Journey to 10$ a day is what im using
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    Journey to 10$ a day

    The domain is a little over a year old and this is a free account the volume section isn't available for free accounts just the rank.
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    Journey to 10$ a day

    Guess it's time I update this since the last time I posted my traffic took a huge hit from DMCA strikes taking down links that gave me tons of traffic. Stopped focusing on the DMCA strikes and start learning what I could about keyword rank these are the keywords that currently rank for my site...
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    Selling advertising

    No one?
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    Selling advertising

    Is selling adspace on a streaming site a viable option to make profit? If so what are the best ways to go about doing it
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    Scammed by Moiisam10 (30 bucks)

    I've had the same exact problem with this guy. He said the exact same things to me about time remaining, but his communication was horrible would never reply for days on end and I never got what i asked for. In the end i was able to get my money back thankfully
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    What are the populer torrent sites

    Extratorrent is gone
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    Selling ad space?

    I'm looking into ways so gain profit from a site I created about a year ago and I'm curious about selling adspace anyone have experience with this?
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    Suddenly lost a lot of traffic

    Yeah I thought of that I put everything back the way it was for the most part thanks to people on here it seems that specific links that were getting me tons of traffic from google search got hit with DMCA and removed so i lost a lot of traffic from that. Regardless right now the traffic is...
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    Suddenly lost a lot of traffic

    Thank you seems a lot of my traffic was coming from specific series which got hit with a DMCA notice and taken off google search which is why i noticed a hit in my traffic
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    Suddenly lost a lot of traffic

    I've been paying attention to the analytics but the drop was quite sudden so i dont know