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    Is it difficualt to get a Clickbank Refund ? o.O

    don't promote eat stop eat...see
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    warning about EATSTOPEAT

    i ve been promoting vendor EATSTOPEAT for years now. before i get money from upsells, now i get zero money from all upsells, just a few bucks for the first sell. i am attaching 1 example of many. 9 upsells and zero payments for me. i send many emails to 'brad' but he never ansers. i will stop...
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    red tea detox scamming affiliates

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    red tea detox scamming affiliates

    all i says in my post is that red tea detox is being untrue to affiliates and that the forum is full of shill accounts promoting this. and anyone with eyes to see can see that this is true. i am trying to defend you guys from this scammer vendor
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    red tea detox scamming affiliates

    but soft ware projects usernames are not in that format neither and we knew you are a fan of this
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    Wesley Virgin – the real deal?
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    red tea detox scamming affiliates

    yes cant bilieve the stupidity of someone who cliams to be millionere!
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    did your cb sales improve after getting new aff ID???

    just dont promoting cheating seller like this
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    Anyone tried promoting The Red Tea Detox?

    red tea detox robs affiliates
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    red tea detox scamming affiliates

    Ii’m going to provide you 100% proof that red tea detox vendor is taking affiliate sfor a ride. however, before I do, I know the vendor has about 10 shill accounts here so expect a lot of ‘’’users’’’’ calling me a lair and defending him if yuou are registered as an affiliate with this scammer...
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    Can you use multiple bank accounts on one clickbank account?

    1 account = 1 bank details
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    any working instagram bot ?

    i think there is one by healzer here on the forum
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    Easiest $175/Day Strategy

    why you get banned with this???
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    SUCCSESS! My store is generating sales!

    good working! what niche are it?
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    EDU Backlinks for Porn?

    there is no point,,,