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    HTML using your own SMTP server

    I have account with a third party smtp provider. They charge per 1000 emails i currently use their web API to send plain text email using global email solutions software I now want to be able to send basic promotional HTML emails using the same SMTP I tried mailchimp but they have contacts...
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    550-5.7.1 blocked. Please visit550 5.7.1

    sending emails out to businesses, im just contacting them about relevant service to their to business email Now i start seeing some error messages like this on elastic email How do you resolve this?
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    restore chats from old phone after uninstalling whatsapp

    Someone I Know took these steps: They uninstalled Whatsapp from old android phone they had not made backups the installed WA to a new android phone and activated it using same phone number now they realise they lost all their chats On their old phone they still have the .crypt14 chat logs file...
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    Just wanted to ask if BumKeun is actually a real name? Anyone know anyone called BumKeun ?
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    Developer Accounts

    I did read somewhere you can have multiple google play developer accounts, but only one per gmail/email address. i wanted to confirm this is true or not? By one per email, does it then mean that its ok for the same person to have multiple accounts? As the same person would likely use the same...
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    add free partition to existing partition

    got mac os catalina one disk has two partitions one is os extended journal - has high sierra os on it - 125gb - free space 100gb other is apfs - has catalina os installed on it - 124 gb - free space 30gb I basically want to free up 50GB from the OS extended one and then add it to the other...
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    Can developers win a dispute with google?

    I have read many cases on the internet on forums etc.. about apps being suspended on google play. we see that in some cases apps are restored, but usually it is because of intervention from some senior google staff. What i wanted to ask is are any cases where an app has been suspended and then...
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    Best way to scrape leads

    what a load of bs it doesnt work. it keeps crashing you see results in the google search you press start and it goes back to main menu,, even it worked its limiting to 60 leads per minute.
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    Best way to scrape leads

    because you cant get street, town, post code etc from IG
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    Best way to scrape leads

    hi, If you wanted to build a directory you can do it manually or scrape data from third party. ive found some sellers who can scrape data from google maps. but this wont includes emails. you then have to find someone to go to the websites to get emails. whats the best way to scrape mass...
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    Redmas website ads

    i got paid in the end but took some effort, but thats ok.... i next payment goes straight forward il prob stick
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    No USB cable Noted!

    lol you are right, im frustrated as ive been trying to transfer my whatsapp from iphone to android, ive tried the backup chat to zip file and then email, then copy those zip files to new phones whatsapp folder but it doesnt work so i found a sofware to do this but to use that you need to hook...
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    No USB cable Noted!

    Bought a Note20 Read online you dont get headphones in the box. I opened the box and it had AKG wired Type C headphones. What does this mean? Also it had no usb cable, isnt that a bit strange and bad value, as most adapters have the USB socket not Type C and how are you supposed to hook it...
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    Redmas website ads

    they eventually replied only after I tried to contact then via facebook. they said my emails were being sent to their junk mail ? surely if you contact them from their site it should be created as a new support ticket so emails are not sent to junk mail.. I got payment that same day via...
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    hiring devs for WP work

    I hired a dev in india to do some work on my WP site. Wasnt a pleasant experience. but ok the work was done partially and we parted after partial payment. Ive since removed her user account on WP. But today I logged in to my site via ftp and saw a newly created file called wp-new-login.php...