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    What is the Best Keyword Tool?

    Don't you know about Ahrefs bro?
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    Can blog owner see that I used images from the internet for guest post?

    Yes he can see them and find them. What you can do is photoshop it. Change the colors of the image. add or remove few things from the image so it's not totally an internet downloaded image. This will also help in seo
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    Lengthy Content or To-the-Point Content? Who will win?

    Before you start writing, see what kind of content is google is ranking for the keyphrase you wanna rank for. Create something better than that, but something relatable too. If you can deep dive without BS, it's great....Avoid BS to the fullest Google will even rank small content if it's perfect.
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    Thanks for your comment and Sorry For the Title, I'll take care from the next time, Kinda new here, still learning
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    Ahrefs free keyword tools generator

    They just provide 50 keywords for free....They provide all the keywords in their paid subscription. But even 50 are enough from one website, there are many more resources.
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    Hello there, I hope you're an EXPERT and have some experience in the field of SEO, then only you'll be able to answer my question. If you're a NOOB, keep reading, you might find something you were IGNORING... So, my question is.. Let me first tell you, I just started my blog website, it's...
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    buying expired domains

    Make sure you buy a good expired domain, not too high and not too low with DA score, keep it average. Do check the spam score too. All I wanna say is do a proper research about the domain name you're buying, gather whatever information you can get about that domain. If it's scammy in any...
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    Is having latest blog posts on homepage bad practice?

    I personally don't think it's a bad idea to show the latest posts on the Homepage, this is what everyone does. This is obvious. If you're worried, you can connect the your good posts to latest posts via internal linking if they are relatable in any manner. And for those posts which are...
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    Increase Traffic & Make More Money with Google Trends Tricks

    Thanks, Articles on BHW are really amazing and I'm able to find something cool everywhere
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    6 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic (Get Ready to Work SMART!)

    Whatever you said is cool....But don't you think keyword research and link building is the main component for ranking??
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    started my online journey just now

    I hope you will enjoy it
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    Hello BHW

    Yuhuuu Welcome To The World Of BHW
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    Introducing You The Master Of the Game

    Hellooooo My Friend, I know you are reading this, giving me your valuable time, and I'll surely waste it to the fullest. So, Enjoy, and keep wasting your time.. I mean....keep reading, I'll be thankful and you'll receive my blessings of course for keeping up with my bullshit. I'm writing...