Introducing You The Master Of the Game

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May 20, 2020
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Hellooooo My Friend,

I know you are reading this, giving me your valuable time, and I'll surely waste it to the fullest.

So, Enjoy, and keep wasting your time..

I mean....keep reading, I'll be thankful and you'll receive my blessings of course for keeping up with my bullshit.

I'm writing this to you while having my Tea, doesn't mean I don't love coffee. Coffee is love too but due to quarantine I'm out of stock :/

I'm from India, and I love SEO. Search Engine Optimization, Exactly dude....exactly!

I don't know why I fell for it, maybe it's a side effect of lockdown that I went on exploring new things and found out how badly I'm interested in learning SEO and other digital marketing stuff.

I never studied something this bad! Like I'm giving almost 12-15 hours a day! I never did this in my entire college life, not even in school.

And so I found out this place called BlackHatWorld, seems quite interesting.

So, you're not getting a vibe that I'm quite new in the SEO and why I titled it as "Introducing You The 'Master' Of the Game"...

I know I'm a 22 year old kid saying these kind of things, but I truly believe I can master it to the fullest. I'm giving it all of my time, the much I can study and I'm loving it.

And Hopefully, I will, one day, sit with the Masters of the game, that will be fun.

This was for introduction and I'm just typing BULLSHIT, I just realized....

SHUT UP TheGeekOwl.....SHUT UP

Let me introduce you to me, I am a 22 year old guy from India, currently pursuing my in computer science.

This is it. Think I took a lot of your time just for a 4 second introduction.

Let me add something more if you're feeling cheated!

I can play Football too.

I can also play Pubg, I'm not a champ, but I can play.

I'm good at irritating people, if that's what I'm doing right now. I'm sorry! for that.

I have interest in programming too, I'm learning it side by side.

I love psychology too, that is one of my most favourite thing I never gave a F* about. But I'll surely study it, I just brought some books. I'll read them.

If you wanna know me more, you can just add me as a friend, or whatever you can do here, get in touch I don't know I'm new here.

If you are here, dude.....


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