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    Sold car, laptops, phones and took 10,000 credit. All in Shiba.

    yesterday i converted my remaing satoshi (7usd) in shiba now i have almost 10 usd
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    Bill Gates & vaccine

    ho is bill gaitas??
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    Bill Gates & vaccine

    good question no oficial information about the people that died where vaccinated or not what the president of the parlement said once is "we need to figure out why are so many people dying even with the vax" cit in...
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    Bill Gates & vaccine

    hello keyboard warrior, just check my country data no vax in the summer of 2020 1-3 deaths and arround 200-300 cases , in summer of 2021 almost 10 - 20 death a day 2000 new cases per day with 80% of people vacinated just check online its oficial data,, also check israel
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    Bill Gates & vaccine

    someting smells bad about this corona vaccine, i am not anti vac no consipiracy teories just facts, fact is countrys with higher vacines rates have more cases of the india variante and deaths
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    Why do people pay to send messages to women? (Dating sites)

    100 bucks??? for less then that i go to number 1 or el bosque in spain very nice they have real woman
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    TikTok paying 80$ per new user in Portugal

    Portugal is a poor socialist/comunist country just the way china likes and they bought almost all companys and depth so they may have some interest here
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    What is the best virtual bank account for Europe

    revolut no good no more now even for small amount they ask proof vat tax documents etc my local bank dont ask for all this
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    Every Crypto Investor must read this..

    a correction of 90-95% would be very nice but it just wont happend
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    can the government fully regulate bitcoin or ban it completely if they want? are they afraid of bitcoin?

    Dont believe it will happen but very easy to ban they just need to make all banks forbid to transfer money and payments to the exange and boom it will end for most of us in my country i can not use most of the gambling sites its forbidden you only can bet in nacional sites with very high...
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    Please recommend me good Bitcoin wallet

    best is paper wallet it is in your hand and cost nothing
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    Totally overwhelmed

    ok so i hit a sensetive spot there. ofending people true the keyboard so mature it happens when no arguments or intelligenge people give him some atention he needs it other wise he will comit suicide
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    Totally overwhelmed

    Op take 10mg of diazepam with wine you also seem to be those kind of stressout people only think and live about money when you die you take nothing
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    METHOD: Get paid to lie about vaccines

    vacacina turn you into a jacaré (president of brasil)
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    Why you shouldn't invest in shitcoins

    comparing real companys (stocks) with shitcoins that are just simple quick get richs scheme, i rest my case its your money