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    Are You Gay?

    The ignore feature works well for me. Often times I just use the ignore instead of resorting to name calling. It's better to not say anything sometimes and go on, don't let someone ruin your day.
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    shoutout to a very special member

    Happy Friday!
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    Robinhood Rival Adds Shiba Inu Trading To Its Platform

    Robinhood Rival Public Adds Shiba Inu Trading platform.
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    Shiba Inu predictions
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    Shiba Inu predictions

    Shiba Inu could Reach 50 Cents By December 2022 and .01 by the end of this year 2021. It is now even on Coin Cloud over 4000 ATM machines. Get ready folks.
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    Is DOGE up for another 1000% rally? Your Opinion?

    Yes for sure, Bitcoin will rise to 100K by December and Doge will have a big gain.
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    Introvert Or Extrovert

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    I just cant move on...

    Classic editor works for me, It's the first plugin I download.
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    Post your Crypto choices for 2021

    Shiba inu
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    How is my crypto portfolio

    Nice job, very good
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    Wtf is happening with shiba??

    It's trending on Twitter and Google. Shiba inu has gained about 25,000,000 percent over the past year, putting its average monthly growth at more than 2,000,000 percent. Assuming SHIB gains just 200 percent per month, the crypto could reach $0.01 in early 2022. It doesn't matter market cap or...
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    Will Shiba Inu ever reach $.01?

    There has been a ton of hype, Shiba inu is trending on Twitter and Google search for how to buy Shiba inu.
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    bhw down

    Go crazy
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    Will Shiba Inu ever reach $.01?

    Yes, Shiba inu coin announced plan to burn until it reaches $0.01