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    Instagram Reels/Video Views

    Use the right Hashtags and Captions. Try to use popular music, Keep the user engaged by adding twist content.
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    Instagram Comment Likes

    Yes, here sellers provide it. Check the marketplace and contact the seller.
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    Starting Instagram Account

    Upload content consistently. Follow top influencers and try to engage with target users. Do not follow or like multiple accounts in a short time. Use the only relevant hashtag. Do not repeat the same hashtag.
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    Welcome to the Blackhatworld.
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    SEO question

    Focus on the longtail keyword first will be more effective. And then go for short keywords. You can also interlink the related article, so the user stays longer on your site.
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    Related to Google Search Console & Indexing?

    Does your article have good traffic flow and user engagement? If the other article has better user engagement, those will be ranked.
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    How accurate is SEMrush's Keyword Difficulty?

    Third-party tools show only approximate value, but comparatively, Semrush is better than other tools for keyword research. Before you select any keyword, manual research is also to be done.
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    How important is the correct pace of link building?

    You can start building links in the initial month but keep it less and prefer quality links. But, if your post gets viral, you will get organic backlinks + traffic, user engagement and more exposure... That might be the reason why the new site with many backlinks and doesn't have user...
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    [Method] How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Niche

    Awesome share about keyword research. Nice method to find question-type keywords too.
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    Need advice on how to do natural link building for 2022

    To get a natural backlink, then you have to upload content that has user intent and is more worthy. So your site value increases organically and backlinks naturally. You could try quora, and guest post on relevant sites.
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    Get site indexed with Ahref?

    Go only for quality backlinks and keep updating content, this can help to increase.
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    Translating Articles: Is It a Good Idea?

    Of course, you can translate it to another language and use it. Many do this already.
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    Manipulate Ahref DR

    Maybe this one can help you, please check.
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    How to check mass URLs indexed or not with Semrush ?

    I don't think it will show all google indexed URLs.